Osteoporosis.The causes of and treatments for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis - a disease in which the bone loses its strength, becomes brittle, causing the bone can break much easier and faster than ever before, to the disease.

Bone loss occurs gradually and is often diagnosed only after complications have already happened - vertebral fractures, or femoral neck.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), among the diseases of non-infectious origin osteoporosis ranks fourth after diseases of the cardiovascular system, tumor processes and diabetes.It Osteoporosis is a leading cause of hip fractures, often occurring in women older than 60 years.

of osteoporotic fracture can occur even after a minor injury - for example, under normal incidence.Vertebral fractures in osteoporosis can occur when lifting the weight and even when riding in the truck on the road is not very good quality.The most serious and dangerous in its consequences for the elderly and handicapped people hip fractures.

Osteoporosis causes more suffering and often leads to disability in its soc

io-economic importance has become a huge problem in the world in general and in our country in particular.

What are the risk factors for osteoporosis?

There are factors that depend on the person, and there are those who are out of this relationship.

Here is a list of factors that do not depend on the person:
being female
age of 65 years
osteoporosis and / or fracture when a small injury with relatives (mother, father, sister) aged 50 years and older
some endocrine diseases
small weight
early (including postoperative) menopausal women receiving glucocorticoids

prolonged immobility (or inactivity) of a person for various reasons, for example, bed rest for more than 2 months.

But factors that depend on the person, on his lifestyle:

& gt;Insufficient calcium intake
immoderate consumption of alcohol

smoking and physical inactivity
deficiency of vitamin D
tendency to fall for various reasons (for example, due to damage to the central nervous system).

It should be noted that excessive consumption of coffee can also be attributed to risk factors.

Osteoporosis - a disease economically and socially significant.The researchers believe it is very important to tell people about this disease, so that everyone can decide on the degree of risk for themselves and their loved ones.

look closely to their mothers and grandmothers.They may require inspection, or they are needed in the treatment of osteoporosis.Help them and save yourself health.

Depression, according to research, may also lead to a decrease in bone mass, resulting in a person falls ill with osteoporosis.The reason, most likely, in violation of the functioning of the central and peripheral (sympathetic) nervous system, "includes", usually with stress reactions.When you activate it begins to actively produced by noradrenaline, which in excess detrimental effect on the mesenchymal tissue, and osteoblasts produced by it (the cells from which, in fact, produced by the bone).Just excess production of norepinephrine in humans with depression and amplified ... But after a while there are problems with the structure of the bones.

If you are diagnosed osteoporosis, then you need to take the following items Actions:

eliminate the risk factors for osteoporosis
get enough calcium and vitamin the D (previously agreed with the doctor)
take medications that increase bone density (also agreeing with the doctor)
make it a rule to regularly exercise.

treatment of osteoporosis should always be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist.And it looks like this (but it is no more than a general scheme, which can vary by a physician).

Osteogenon - at least one tablet a day for 2.5-3 months.
Miakaltsik (synthetic salmon calcitonin) - depending on the release form, better intramuscular injection.The combination of these two agents tend to be very desirable.
Magnetic - focus on the area of ​​bone fracture place 2 times a day for the first 5 days and then daily for 20 days.After the break, the course of treatment must be repeated.So spend at least 4 courses of six months.
Shilajit - 1 tablet (0.2 g) per day, always after dissolving it in a very warm fresh milk with honey.Ideal - mummy electrophoresis with both electrodes.
exercises with an instructor in physical therapy - is very desirable.

Remember that prevention is always easier, cheaper and more efficient than its cure!

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