Calcium.The value of calcium in our lives

We all tend to think that calcium is essential a growing body: children, pregnant and lactating women - the main consumers of dairy products.However, calcium - not just a building material for bone and dental tissues.Few people know, but in order to have a shapely, toned figure in the gym training is not enough - for muscle contraction is needed calcium.

Posture Queen and graceful gait - is also a merit of calcium.It nebhodim nervous system, blood clot, the synthesis of many substances, hormones, for normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract.Not for nothing in the old days, buying a horse, looking at the state of her teeth, because it reflects the state of health of the whole organism.

Do you know your calcium in the blood?Who should control it in the first place?

- This, of course, children, pregnant and lactating women.Child health is laid in the womb and during the first year of life the child increases body weight three times and grows by 50%.Imagine how much you would require calcium to

grow to 25 cm.

Monitor calcium levels should be and those who are often concerned about the cramps.
- If you are concerned about the disruption of the heart, increased or decreased blood pressure (calcium is essential for the cardiovascular system).
- If you are concerned about constipation or diarrhea (if calcium deficiency disturbed intestinal contraction).
- If you have elevated levels of thyroid hormones (the calcium leached from the bones, impaired operation of all organs and systems).
- If you have increased bleeding.
- If you have a stomach ulcer - here be especially alert, increased level of calcium increases the secretion of gastric juice and cause exacerbation of the disease.
- If you have kidney stones and urinary tract (excess calcium from the body excreted by the kidneys).

If you choose to evaluate whether enough calcium in your body, it is recommended to further define the level of phosphorus and magnesium levels.Reduced blood calcium levels may be due to increased levels of phosphorus, which may be or renal diseases due to deficiency of magnesium.Magnesium is essential for the synthesis of parathyroid hormone, which regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism.

What to do to avoid a calcium deficiency?Everyone knows that calcium in the body is not formed, so we depend on the receipt of it from food.Calcium-rich dairy products, fish, meat, green vegetables, fruits, nuts.Well, use them tons?

need for calcium in adults is 0.8-1.1 grams per day, children up to 7 years - 1 gram per day in adolescents 1.4 grams per day, pregnant and lactating women 1.52 grams per day.

For an adult it is about 1 liter of milk per day, or 1 kg of cottage cheese, or 150 grams of cheese, or 3 kg of beef.Take your pick.Be attentive to him.Remember that only half of the incoming assimilated calcium, so in order to ensure the flow of calcium 1 gram, you must "eat" 2 grams.

Would love to dairy products harm?No.Foods rich in calcium, can be eaten without restriction.The excess just do not go into the body and bring a stool.

Often you can hear that calcium is more easily absorbed in the presence of vitamin D. This is true.At the present time, even established a special vitamin complexes.Without Vitamin D the calcium absorption is impossible.Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin under the action of sunlight.Adult supplementation of vitamin D is needed.Children first year of life should receive vitamin A in an aqueous solution during the year than the summer months.

To calcium is absorbed, there are some subtleties of power.Often, pregnant and lactating women complain about the destruction of tooth enamel, bone pain, although daily use foods rich in calcium .Why can it be?Think about how you eat these foods.Most cheese with bread and butter, milk and a bun, cottage cheese and sour cream.If so, then on the calcium intake of not count.

turns, fatty foods (butter, fatty meats, cream, etc.) forms insoluble complexes with calcium, making it impossible to intake of calcium in the blood, and it all stays in the intestine.Similarly, action has also foods containing vegetable protein cereals (wheat, rye, barley, bread, etc.).

So if you like to feed the baby gruel or treated him with milk and cookies, you know, in this case he did not get calcium.

homemade cottage cheese contains calcium, it all remains in the whey.Cottage cheese is industrial production additionally enriched with calcium.Facilitates the absorption of calcium dairy products (which contain lactose) and citric acid (citrus).

What to do?Do I need to take calcium supplements ?And to whom?It is recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children, and anyone who wants to stay healthy and beautiful courses take vitamin complexes containing calcium and vitamin D, because the intake of calcium from food provide sufficient difficult and not always possible.

calcium content in food

products (based on 100 g of product)

Milk 3% - 100 mg
Milk 1% - 120mg
Yogurt - 120 mg
Smetana - 100 mg
Cottage cheese, goat sr - 95 mg
Cream cheese - 300 mg
Celery - 240 mg
Green beans - 40 mg
dried apricots - 170 mg
Almonds - 254 mg
Peanuts - 70 mg
Sesame - 1150 mg
Sunflower - 100 mg
Fish, dried - 3000 mg
Sardines- 350mg
Fish boiled - beef
30mg - 30mg
Bread black - 60 mg
White - 30 mg

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