12 August

Snoring : the treatment of folk remedies

Snoring , treatment which is achieved with modern special pillows, strips and other medical innovations, can be cured with great success, and natural remedies.

In this case, it should be remembered that treatment of snoring herbs - is the safest solution of the question.Applying traditional medicine, can directly affect the nature of the snoring.

tips to help you deal with snoring

To be most effective in the treatment of snoring is important to follow these recommendations:

  • not consume alcohol and tobacco just before bedtime, as they are irritating to the mucous membrane of the nose and throat, thusexacerbating snoring;
  • undesirable consumption of dairy products before going to bed - mucosa of them are "inflated", making it difficult to breath and outflow of mucus;
  • dinner should be light - a lot of food creates a pressure on the diaphragm during sleep.

Snoring: the treatment of folk remedies

Fenugreek - has expectorant properties.It may be useful in the cold season, when many

clogged sinuses.

will need to take fenugreek seeds , soaked in water and then thoroughly chew.You can also grind the seeds, take a teaspoon of the resulting powder, pour boiling water and drink at night.

Fenugreek seeds are also good for the heart and lower blood cholesterol.

Eucalyptus - thins mucus and facilitates expectoration.For treatment

added few drops of oil in water or in hot and aromalampu inhaled medicinal formed pair.

Thyme oil - cleanses and expands the airways for full air circulation.

oil is added to any existing humidifiers.Quiet night guaranteed.

herb thyme is added to tea or herbal tea, so the most quiet sleep is achieved.

Peppermint extract

menthol content in the extract displays the mucus from the lungs, reducing inflammation of the airways and expands the capillaries.It recommended before going to bed to drink herbal tea with mint, which has a calming effect, making a dream strong.

Sea buckthorn oil - daily instillation into the nose of 2-3 drops of up to 3 hours before going to bed after three weeks to stop snoring.


Applying cabbage for a month, you can forget about the snoring.It takes Mince the cabbage leaf, mixed with honey or 1 cup cabbage juice with the addition of a dining room spoon of honey.It is necessary to eat or drink before going to bed.The result will be visible after a month of treatment.

Snoring: treatment

home addition to the treatment of folk remedies, you can try exercise or diet.

to exercise tightens the lower jaw, as though silently pronounce the letter "i".In carrying out this exercise in the mornings and evenings to the feeling of fatigue in the jaw, the result will be noticeable within a month.

will suit both the exercise: it is required to raise the tip of the tongue up to the maximum force of the palate to the back wall and hold it for a few seconds.More

can strain the "tongue", located in the throat as if intensely pressed a letter "s."And exercise is carried out on a breath.Classes are several times a day will help to get rid of snoring in a week.

Most people consider a diet while snoring useless.But very often obesity is the root cause of snoring.The diet involves reducing fat consumption and simple carbohydrates, and increasing the amount of food consumed, affecting the metabolism normalization.In addition, we recommend at least 1 time per week to arrange fasting day the body.

Compliance with the recommendations of diet, exercises and the use of herbs will lead to an early reduction in snoring intensity, if not get rid of it.

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