12 August

Cleansing the body .Removing the excess salt from the body

This method of cleansing the body of salt broth of cones of coniferous trees and rice offered Uzhegova GNHere are the highlights of this method ochischeniya.Vecherom do an enema of two liters of warm boiled water.The next day - starvation, drink only distilled water or melt water.In the evening, a glass of warm boiled water to put a lump of medium size (fir, pine, cedar, fir).On the morning of the same lump to boil water for five minutes.Cones throw after boiling, pour a glass of 200 ml of boiling water and drink half.The other half left for the evening.

Take rice serving (two tablespoons), well washed, pour 500 ml (preferably distilled or melt) water and put on fire.Bring to a boil and remove from heat.Replace the water, again rinse rice and then put on fire, let the water boil, boil for one minute, set aside.Again, replace the water, wash the rice, pour 500 ml of water and put on fire.So - 4 times.On the 4th Dowar rice, drain the water.Do not add salt!This is - breakfast.After him to dinner does not

have and it is advisable not to drink.At lunch and dinner - a common food, but salted insufficiently.The power mainly focus on vegetarian dishes.

course of treatment - a month.Morning and evening, 100 ml of broth of cones, for breakfast - four boiled rice.Typically, in the past month from the body takes from three to four kg of salt.The most active salts emissions begins with 15-18-th day of treatment and will continue for 3-4 months.Salts leave the spine (low back pain) of the joints (arthritis), of blood vessels (atherosclerosis).As with other salts go and potassium salts, are very necessary for the work of the heart, can begin pain in the heart for 16-18 minutes a day.To avoid this, the 10th day of treatment it is necessary to start taking honey - 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day, as well as to enter into the diet of fried wheat, apricots, baked potatoes, apples, lemons (foods containing potassium in large numbers).Of the drugs - or Pananginum asparkam.

essence of this technique lies in the fact that four boiled rice is a kind of "pump", which "pulls" a salt.The reason - the difference in osmotic pressure in the tissues and organs, where excess salt, and rice, where they are almost gone after four digestion.Therefore, ideally, it is desirable to boil the rice in the distilled water.Then he plays a lot better "pump".

Do not be afraid of what will come out of the body "necessary" salts.Here, just as in normal fasting, leave those salts that the body considers superfluous.And he's a wise wisdom of thousands of years.The salts associated in cells, do not go away, because there is much stronger than the connection of the difference in osmotic pressure, thanks to which the rice "pull" salt from the organs and tissues.And when we are at the time of purification begin to consume food salted insufficiently, the body does not get enough salt from the outside, it begins to use "spare" salt deposited in the blood vessels, joints, cartilage and spinal column.As a result, the body is rejuvenated.

Now the role of the cones in the purification.Pine or fir sap we take a decoction of the cones, weakens the link between the "extra" salts and adjacent tissue.It is as if the substances solvent bonding "deposits" salts with cloth.Therefore without cleansing it is much slower.In fact, cleansing the body of salt is one of the best treatments for osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis.

The method is simple, all available and effective.Contraindications he is almost there.The only renal patients to drink a decoction of the cones is not desirable - begins irritation kidney tissue, there protein in the urine, pain in the kidney area.

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