12 August

Food allergy .Varieties of food allergies .Manifestations of food allergies

Even the ancient physicians had observed that people react differently to the same food product.The fact that one benefit for another may be "poison."Modern medical studies confirm that the root cause of many chronic diseases, joint pain, migraines, weight loss lies in the most ordinary products pitaniya.Vsem familiar "classic" food allergy with its immediate and pronounced symptoms such as skin rash, shortness of breath, edema.Occurs it is not often, only 5% of the population.In this case, a particular product is perceived by the body as an allergen.In other words, the body as a hostile element in the fight against which antibodies are allocated.Outwardly, this struggle is clearly expressed in all those symptoms, which we know allergies.

However, there is another type of reaction of the organism - it hidden food allergies or otherwise, food intolerance .She was exposed to more than 80% of the population of developed countries.The consequences of it are often a variety of diseases.This skin disease,

digestive, and endocrine systems, migraine, arthritis and many other diseases.

One of the most frequent manifestations of food intolerance - overweight .Many people over the years struggling with their ailments, unaware that the root cause lies in the fact that they eat!According to the medical definition, a food intolerance - a biochemical hypersensitivity to certain types of food that our immune system perceives as dangerous and attack them with the antibodies.Formed as a result of this "attack" immune complexes carried by the bloodstream throughout the body, disrupting its normal functioning.

Many might ask a legitimate question: "If this is so, why am I about it still do not know?"The fact that Food intolerance - a reaction of the delayed type (incidentally, so it is also called hidden food allergies).No special laboratory analysis is almost impossible to trace the link between food consumed and symptoms of the disease or, moreover, gradual weight gain.

One of the most respected and well-known European laboratories -Kembridzhskaya laboratory - for a long time engaged in this issue and has developed one of the most accurate and effective to date techniques to identify food intolerances.

For this analysis requires a small amount of blood taken from a finger or a vein.The essence of it is to identify the tested blood samples response to the most consumed foods.

Experience shows that a blood test and based on its results of individual nutrition program to help the majority applied to achieve significant, measurable results: a natural way to lose weight, get rid of many chronic diseases and illnesses, eliminate toxins, cleanse the skin, strengthen hairand nails, slow the aging process.When an atom it is not about grueling diet and a full and varied diet.

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