12 August

Do you sunbathe right ?Recipes of traditional medicine from sunburn

From a cosmetic point of view, we are interested in leather tanning.After a stay in the sun for 6-8 hours after the skin appears red, which gradually passes, and pigmentation (tanning) appears in its place.

Of course, the sun's rays in a small amount of a beneficial effect on the skin: it becomes more elastic, fade acne and pimples.Skin color varies, there is a golden hue.However, too dark tan emphasizes even subtle wrinkles.

degree of skin sensitivity is different for all of us.This is due to the thickness of the stratum corneum, the blood supply, the capacity for pigmentation.

Redheads people have extremely sensitive skin, a little prone to the formation of pigment.Sensitive skin is also blond, although they use the sun with gentle work out well sunbathing.Less sensitive skin people with dark hair.

Protect your skin!Although a healthy tan and makes a very good impression, not at all possible to achieve his skin.Therefore, do not aspire to that, to get it at any cost.Believe me, it is much better t

o have a uniformly pale skin or pale pink color than tanned places covered spots.

The recommendations are usually attached to the various anti-sun oils, strongly emphasizes the need to protect the skin from sunlight.This is certainly true.However, choosing any product, be sure to pay attention to its components.In no event should not use mineral oils (petrolatum, glycerin, etc.) Forming droplets on the skin, acting as a small collective lens.

as creams and ointments, use only conventional cosmetics, which are both a filter.

Protects from the sun and gives good tan mixture of equal parts of castor and sunflower oil.In the shade of a tree or under the tent should be evenly rub the mixture into the skin at all vulnerable areas of the body.Through the emulsification and evaporation of fat very quickly disappears.Re-oil lubrication is necessary in the event that you want to keep, and a protective layer of the skin.

If the oil application is effective in a mountainous and wooded area, then this is absolutely not enough of the sea.The salty sea air, combined with the bright sunlight, the action of which is enhanced by the reflection from the water surface, leads to a strong drying of the skin.

First we need to protect the lips and eyes.To avoid unpleasant inflammation of the lips, followed by the formation of blisters and scabs, it is better for a while sunbathing abandon lipstick red.Instead, use a colorless hygienic lipstick.

eyes that react to UV rays, it is necessary to protect sunglasses with good glasses.If you are in the mountains, sunglasses should fit to cover the entire eye area.Protected eye glasses are dormant, so they do not have to screw up, thereby increasing the risk of unwanted wrinkles around the eyes.

In ancient Egypt, to nourish the skin and protect it from the sun used poultices and ointments made of oxen and sheep fat, almond, sesame, castor and olive oils.During the reign of Pharaoh Ramses III (1204-1173 years BC. E.) The builders of the necropolis at Thebes for the first time in the history went on strike due to the absence of such ointments and oils.

Although our skin (especially face) very often exposed to sunlight, with intense irradiation without protection - be it in the mountains, where the light reflected sparkling crystal white snow or the sea in fire beyond measure - can be sunburn.

for sunburn relief lotions or bring packs of medicinal herbs and plants.

Traditional medicine in the case of sunburn recommends the following recipes.

# Recipe №1 .
1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of sour cream and 1 egg yolk Mix well and lubricate the burnt places several times a day.Recipe # №2 .10
streptotsida white tablets crushed into powder, mixed with 100 g of vegetable oil and placed for 30 minutes on a steam bath.Then cool and lubricate it burns the drug several times a day.# mammal oil .
1 part fresh hypericum inflorescence 20 days to insist in a dark cool place, then add 2 parts vegetable oil (sunflower, flax, hemp, olive).Press out and used for the treatment of sunburn.# «Live» mask.
very good tool is considered a mask of the following components: 1 egg white, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon of whole milk and 1 teaspoon lemon juice (for density added to the mixture almond bran).Protein whip and carefully add the remaining components.Bran add up until not get a lot of that is convenient to apply on the face.To remove the mask to warm water.The duration of the procedure, which ends with a cold compress - 20 minutes.

# On burned skin can put a poultice of mashed bilberry, blueberry, lingonberry, cloudberry or fresh pulp quince.

# Excellent lubrication effect gives the skin fresh juice diluted common ivy or pomegranate juice.

# Burned places treated with compresses of yogurt, kefir or whey.

# Running burns heal chopped cabbage leaves, mixed with raw egg white.

# If the burn is only touched certain parts of the body such as the back or hands, try to apply ointment for sunburn, or a mixture composed of equal parts of milk, flour and borax.After 10 minutes, remove the weight of milk, and finally put on the place milk compresses.

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