12 August

Shoe oats liver at home

well-being and his health is directly dependent on how smoothly and his internal organs are working harmoniously.One of the most vital organ is the liver, which is first felt by all the failures and malfunctions in the body.In addition, the liver accumulates toxins and other harmful substances that enter our body from the external environment, as well as food products that do not always meet the norms and standards prescribed power system.

Thus, in order to avoid serious diseases of the liver, it is necessary to pay special attention to periodically perform cleaning.This can be done in the home, using proven and effective methods, such as cleaning the liver oats.

Benefits for the body of oats

In order to avoid any doubt as to the effectiveness of this method of cleansing the liver, say a few words about the benefits of oats and its advantages over other methods of purification.First of all, in the oat base includes a large number of nutrients, including as required by the body for normal functioning

of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.In addition, it contains minerals and vitamins, normalizes the work of the human body.

It should also be mentioned that oats has a set of healing properties.Particularly noteworthy anti-inflammatory, diuretic, choleretic, enveloping and hematopoietic activities.Finally oats advantage - its safety and softness.Unlike alternative cleansing, cleaning oat is the most gentle for the organism, but at the same time sufficiently effective.

Features liver cleansing oats

In order to bring the desired cleaning results and do not harm the body, it must be carried out in accordance with all the rules.If you decide to proceed with the cleaning of the liver, you should stick to a healthy diet, eliminating from your diet all fatty and fried foods, as well as any alcohol.

To prepare special oat decoctions and infusions, which will be needed for the procedure, is used exclusively raw and unrefined grains, which fully retains all the properties of oats.Buy this oats can be in specialized stores or on the market.

To always feel in good shape, clean oats should be done at least once or twice a year.It is best suited for this demi-season periods, namely, spring and autumn, when the body is most malleable effects of various means such as a decoction of oats.

How to prepare the infusion of oats

To prepare the infusion of oats for cleaning the liver you need unrefined grains, which must pass through the grinder, cut them to a powder.After this, one tablespoon of the resulting powder is filled with one liter of water and infused for 12 hours.Then infusion to drain, removing the sediment, and take it on a glass three times daily before meals.

To prepare the next infusion will need an oven.As in the first case, only used crude, natural oats.grains of oats glass should be thoroughly rinsed with water, removing all foreign matter and all loose hulls, oats and then placed in a pan, pour three liters of hot water and sent to a pre-heated 150 degree oven for two hours.After this infusion to cool, strain and take twice a day half an hour before a meal with 150 ml.

Contraindications for liver cleansing oats

oats Cleaning the liver is not only the benefits but also contraindications which make the procedure impossible for a certain category of people.These are the people who suffer from diseases of the heart, kidney, gall bladder and liver.Also not recommended to resort to such a method of treatment for those who have an increased acidity of the stomach and sensitivity to the individual components included in the oats.

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