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Erysipelas : symptoms, causes , treatment

Rozsa - acute inflammation of the skin of an infectious nature.Pathogen - streptococcus - implemented through the damaged areas of the skin (scrapes, scratches, abrasions, scratches).Erysipelas may develop as a complication of purulent wounds, carbuncle or around other purulent foci containing streptococci.

disease usually begins suddenly with chills, headache, sometimes vomiting, body temperature rises to 39-40 ° C. In the affected skin appears bright red, slightly reddened portion rises above the level of healthy skin has sharply defined borders in the form of flames,It increases rapidly, causing a burning sensation and pain.

mug is most often on the face, legs and genitals.Erysipelas the swelling often goes from one place to another.It is often spread over large areas of the body.For example, the front face is striking hairy skin on the head (head mug) and the mucous membranes of the ear.nose and eyes.Sometimes the affected portion of the skin blisters containing sticky moisture (bubble mug).The d
anger is a mug of wounds arising after surgery, it sometimes ends with gangrene.
In traditional medicine, antibiotic treatment is shown.

Recipes of traditional medicine.

# One of the best remedies for the treatment of erysipelas are packs of eggs of the frog.The eggs are collected in the spring of standing water, spread in a thin layer on a cloth and dried in the shade.To compress dried eggs need to soak in boiled water at room temperature, spread on a clean linen cloth and apply on the sore spot for the night.To cure sometimes is enough 3-5 procedures.

# 1 hour before sunrise, sprinkle the affected area finely sifted rye flour, make it wrapping paper and tie a bandage.These dressings should be changed daily.

# to defeat mug sites can be 2-W times a day to put the leaves mother and stepmother, but better sprinkle the affected places a powder of the leaves and ingest 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, a decoction prepared from 10 gherb to 1 cup of water.

# Apply to the affected area 2-3 times a day with fresh leaves of burdock, smeared with cream.

# Apply 2-3 times a day to the sore spot of plantain leaves, sprinkled with chalk powder.

# When erysipelas and herpes applied rue with vinegar and white lead.

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