12 August

Primula in recipes of traditional medicine

From April to June pleases with honey smell primrose or primula officinalis Forest.This is one of the early flowering plants that can be found in our forests.One of the popular names primrose - paralyzed grass as primrose ancient healers treated paralichi.V primrose useful to all: the flower petals and leaves, and roots.This probably explains why the ancient Greeks called primrose flower Olympus drug, considered him a flower of the twelve gods "dodekateonom" and believed that he could cure any disease.

ancient Germans called Primula flowers key spring goddess Freya.Young, charming goddess was adorned with a necklace of the rainbow.Where it fell rainbow appeared golden keys - the flowers, which she unlocked the heat after a long cold winter.

In England Primrose also felt the magic flower and said that in it hide from the weather tiny fairies and old men - gnomes.

In the Middle Ages, witches and sorcerers were added primrose in a love potion, calling it a magical flower.

With primrose connected and fo

lk beliefs.It was believed that the girl who first finds on Easter flower primrose, in the same year, be sure to marry.

Danish folk tale claims that she primrose princess was transformed into a spring elves for what earthly loved young man, forgetting his homeland.Her lover angry spirits turned into an anemone flower that blooms and dies at the same time with his beloved.

# tincture of primrose flowers helps with strong overexcitation, insomnia and anxiety, as they say, "rage", it take 5 - 10 drops, and insomnia, as well as in anxiety states.

To prepare a tincture of primrose , it is necessary to add 150 ml vodka 75 ml of water.The resulting solution pour 40 g of the dry mixture or 120 g of fresh flowers, close tightly and store in a cool place for two weeks, shaking occasionally.The resulting infusion and strain through cheesecloth, pressing out the petals, pour into a bottle of dark glass.The infusion can be stored for two years.Flower primrose oil for 5 - 10 drops added to the bath as a sedative for insomnia.

To prepare primrose oil , you need to put the flowers in a jar container you need.Fill them with vegetable oil, the flowers were completely covered and they put on two or three weeks on the windowsill in the sun.The mixture is then strain through cheesecloth, wring out the remnants of the gauze.The resulting oil was once again pour a new portion of primrose flowers.Once again, put it on the two or three weeks on the windowsill in the sun, and once again strain through cheesecloth, then pour into storage.
Flower primrose oil is stored up to a year, but freshly prepared efficiently.

# drink small sips flower infusion, which has a diaphoretic action, acute respiratory infections, colds with fever, and headache.|

infusion is prepared from 30 g of dried or 75 g of fresh flowers primrose, which is poured half a liter of boiling water.Insist 10-15 minutes, filter and drink one glass three times a day for half an hour before meals.

# When trigeminal neuralgia do compress soaked in hot infusion floral fabrics, which are applied to the sore spot.

# ointment of primrose flowers help with sunburn, with spots and scars on the skin.Ointment, cream unlike not absorbed into the skin, and it forms a thin protective layer.Ointments are useful in the sensitive and delicate skin as well as a means of protection against external moisture, such as diaper rash.

To prepare an ointment, it is necessary to take 250 g of petroleum jelly or paraffin and 30 g of dried flower petals.
Take a pot larger by one-third or half fill with water, bring to a boil.In a glass bowl 1 smaller heat-resistant glass to put paraffin or petroleum jelly.Put it in a large pot and boil in a water bath to melt the wax or petroleum jelly, then add dried flowers 1 primrose.Heated for two hours.1 mixture through cheesecloth to drain into a clean bowl.Wear rubber gloves and squeeze the hot contents of the gauze (cake flower petals) in the same dish.The hot mixture is filtered until it is frozen, pour into clean jars.

# To prevent vitamin deficiency, early flowering primrose leaves are used in salads, soups and okroshek.Enough two leaf primrose Add spring salad to the body all day did not feel the lack of vitamin C.

# The infusion of dried leaves collected during flowering, drink half a cup twice a day for half an hour before meals.One teaspoon of dried leaves pour a glass of boiling water and insist half an hour.

# When you cough, dizziness, diseases of the kidneys and bladder.Take 5 g of primrose roots and brew 200 ml of boiling water.Infuse for two hours, strain through cheesecloth.Drink one tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before meals.

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