12 August

Climax - it's not scary !(women Health)

Many women perceive menopause as the onset of old age, so it is very difficult to survive this period, bringing the matter even before the depression.But the right to be considered the climax, as the transition to a new life, because about a third or a quarter of lifetime accounts for postklimatichesky period.And as we build our own lives, and spend that time - that's what it is not necessary zabyvat.Klimaks, is a natural process for every woman that has reached 40-50 years of age.While menopause is a restructuring of the body: the fading function of sexual glands and the woman becomes unable to bear children.

Menopause occurs in all women differently.Many complain about the deterioration of health, frequent headaches, mood swings, high blood pressure, nervous disorders, sleep disturbance.Often during menopause hot flashes bother, during which there is a sensation of heat, sweating, heartbeat quickens and reddens the face.All these phenomena last for about a year and a half and end with the end of mens

truation.All this is due to a decrease in the level of sex hormones, that is normal for a climax, and then it is not necessary to panic and worry much about it.

characteristic symptom of menopause is and menstrual disorders, so do not take it as a disease.

All problems during menopause do not occur simultaneously, but gradually, one after the other.The first symptoms of approaching menopause can be considered as hot flushes, sweating and mood swings.It may then appear vaginal dryness and some urinary problems.

Smoking, alcohol, diabetes, menopause serdechno¬sosudistye disease exacerbate the problem.At the time of menopause may occur and metabolic disorders: cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and diseases of the central nervous system.But it depends on many factors, for example, on what we pay attention to your body.

from depression, neuroses, we are well able to protect themselves.Menopause coincides with a difficult period for any age woman - children grow up, grow old and need the help of parents.Usually by this time come to an end, and career plans.Well, if the relationships within the family turned out well, but if not, and this, it is clear that in such a situation climax with its problems can be a major cause for depression.

But life goes on, still very much of it to come!And, of course, we expect new joys, interests - need only to be open to it and not to dwell on the problems.

comes menopause and in men, it is true, a little later, but the symptoms of male menopause is very similar to the female.Therefore, we must try to understand what is happening with her husband properly and be able to support his sexual activity, which, of course, will benefit the relationship.

Despite the fact that menopause occurs because of a decrease in the level of sex hormones, can not make their own hormones!This can cause serious complications, up to cardiovascular diseases and tumors .

improve the condition during menopause help recipes of traditional medicine .During menopause at an excited state, and sleep disorders are effective extracts of valerian, Leonurus, mint, lemon balm.When insomnia is very good help honey.

When menopause need to follow the diet.It is advisable to eat foods low in fat and carbohydrates, but rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.It is important to normalize bowel function.So do not forget about dried fruits: dried apricots, raisins, prunes.

During menopause it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle!The harder and harder you work, the greater the likelihood that proboleem during menopause you can not avoid.You must rebuild your attitude to work, not to lose health during menopause.The earned money can not compensate for such a loss!

And, most importantly, do not need to wait for the onset of menopause with fear.Many women have problems during menopause does not happen!Statistics confirm that these are the women who know how to take care of yourself, love yourself and take care!It is worth to think about it seriously, if true?

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