12 August

Waybread (plantago major L.)

There are a variety of colors
Beautiful, cautious.
But I am pleased all
Common plantain.
him, perhaps,
and it is difficult to grow,
Yet he
people are on the go!
S. Baruzdin

Waybread the people are called in different ways: semizhilnik, poreznik, poputnik, Ranniko, boils grass.

generic name psyllium is derived from the Latin word planta - Foot and agere - to move, as pressed to the ground leaves resemble footprint.In ancient Greece, it was called "arnoglossa" due to the fact that its leaves are similar to sheep's tongue.

Russian name "plantain", "companion" associated with its habitat along roads.Another group of names - "poreznik", "subframe", "boils grass" - gives the plant for a pronounced wound-healing properties.According to the stories of these properties have been opened since.

Once two snakes, located on the road, basking in the sun.Suddenly, from behind a corner, left the cart.One snake managed to crawl away from the road, other detainees and moved her wheel.People sitting in the car

riage, saw the first snake, remained unharmed, crept away, but soon returned with a leaf of plantain, which suffered and healed.This case allegedly prompted people to the idea of ​​using plants to treat wounds.So it was or not, but the use of plantain medicine known not less than 2 thousand. Years.Use it Hippocrates and Galen.Dioscorides called it multi-rib or semirebernym (by vein).Avicenna believed that "... it is extremely good for ulcers ... leaves his knit ... They prevent bleeding, and being dried, promote healing of chronic ulcers and fresh, and ulcers there is nothing better than this."And another interesting recommendation: "When the cook a mess of pottage, and lay there plantain instead of beets, this soup is useful from dropsy."

In the Middle Ages it was used in diseases of the lungs, stomach, various types of bleeding, tumors, diseases of the ear and the eye, as a febrifuge.

Three of its root it, rubbed, and mixed with them
Three kyathos wine and water in equal measure
All this should drink fever patient to shiver,
So fever shall drive that is called a three-day, -
recorded in the poem "Onproperties of herbs. "

In folk medicine, it is used as a weight svezheistolchennoy with nonhealing wounds and ulcers.The same weight is used for stings of bees, wasps and even snakes.It provides not only an analgesic effect, but also prevents the appearance of edema.Drink it in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.Seeds of Plantago major is used as a harmless laxative.

In scientific medicine used grass and leaves of plantain in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis and peptic ulcer disease with low acidity of gastric juice.Apply tincture prepared at a concentration of 1:20 or 1:10.Take one tablespoon 3 times a day for a month.Fresh leaf juice has bacteriostatic action and can be used as a wound healing agent.

Waybread - herbaceous perennial with a fibrous root system and large rosette of dark green leaves.The leaves are oblong-ovate, with whole or coarsely toothed margin and rare, have some very strong arcuate veins - blood vessels.These veins plantain leaves do not break, and successfully resist trampling.When peeling off the sheet they are on the precipice in the form of thin spirals.

By early summer, from the middle of the leaf rosette lifted several flower arrows height of 20-30 cm. They end inflorescence spike, consisting of a four-membered nondescript brownish flowers.Fruit - a box with lots of (5-34) small brown seeds.One plant can produce up to 60 thousand. Seeds.The outer layer of the shell they have a slimy, in contact with water they are very osliznyayutsya become sticky.Stuck to the shoe man, hooves, paws animals are transported over long distances.

believed that the way to America was psyllium.Shoes sticking to the first settlers, the hooves of horses, its seeds crossed the ocean and moved inland.Wherever white people settled, soon followed by appearances plantain.Indians it was named "after the white man's feet."

Now it is everywhere except the Far North.He even appeared on the islands of Antarctica, where he spread the penguins.Method, and due to his commitment to the road: he settles on ways of intense movement of people, transportation of animals.

adapt and to trampling.Even a puzzle invented for the occasion: "Lay down a layer of the road, scattered arms, legs.His boot hit his wheel hit, it all uneasy, though of a brick. "Interestingly, the leaves accumulate less of toxic substances than other plants that live along busy highways.

Not once, not twice hurt his leg
You helped his healing power.
Plantain!Always you grow up on the road.
whether you grew up, when there was the world's roads?
M. Vladimirov

leaves of plantain have rich chemical composition.They contain aukubin glycoside, choline, vitamin K, carotene, tannins, polysaccharides.

young spring leaves are used in salads as vitamin greens.Of these, the Far East and the Caucasus make soups.

About plantain popularity among the people says the poet Ivan Tikhonov:

Panacea panacea -
life-giving herb,
About you not become scanty
in the villages of northern rumor ...
... Württemberg, meadow
Yes reap,
along the pathfield
spreads plantain leaves,
companion my old age.

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