12 August

Green crops in traditional medicine

Amaranth has long been used in folk medicine.

Amaranth oil has the highest protein and medicinal value, reduces the content of radionuclides in the body and inhibits the development of cancerous tumors.
Sprouted seeds of amaranth on the content of useful substances equal to mother's milk.
amaranth tea - the best medicine in the initial stages of diabetes.It is also used for obesity, neurosis, atherosclerosis.
Eating greens and grain amaranth promotes effective adenoma treatment of cardiovascular diseases, hemorrhoids, kidney and liver, enuresis in children and adults, inflammation of genitourinary system in men and women, as well as the restoration of vitality inhibits the development of sclerosis of blood vessels, provides the bodyno radioactive iodine, removes radionuclides and nitrates.

Fruits of anise have expectorant, antispasmodic, antimicrobial action, improves digestion, stimulates the liver and the pancreas, have a mild laxative effect, possess diaphoretic and antipyretic effect, but also

enhance the separation of milk in lactating women.A decoction of the fruit of anise (10 g per 200 ml of water) is recommended to take 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon as an expectorant.Anise oil is used for colds , catarrh of the upper airways, bronchiectasis.anise roots are used in the neuroses of the heart and skin diseases.

widely used in folk medicine lovage , in taste reminiscent of celery.Broth and extracts from his roots, leaves and seeds are well clean the skin, promote healing of purulent wounds, improve the condition of patients with rheumatism and gout.

Lovage is used as a blood-purifying agent, as well as heart disease.Take it, and as a painkiller during menstruation.A decoction of the roots (30 g per 1 liter of water) is used for diseases of the kidneys, especially in dropsy.Useful lovage and in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Broth : 30-40g root pour 1 liter of raw water overnight naparivat in the oven and cook for 5-7 minutes in the morning, then leave to steam for about 20 minutes, drain, take 5 times a day.Tea made from its roots has beneficial effects on intestinal motility and reduces bloating.Fresh leaves relieve headaches.As expectorant in sputum bronchial broth use not only, but also of lovage root powder (on the tip of the knife table) W times a day.

Basil also finds its application in folk medicine due to its content of ascorbic acid, carotene, rutin, essential oils , tannins, sugars and so on. D. The ground part of the plant is used as an emollient, antifebrile andas a means of improving digestion.Basil helps improve milk production in lactating women.Basil oil stimulates the appetite, anti-inflammatory action.It is recommended for inflammation of the urogenital tract, coughing, especially in whooping cough, and topically applied as a wound-healing agent.Extract of basil has a strong antispasmodic properties in intestinal and stomach cramps.Hot infusion basil Bulgarian folk medicine recommends drinking with inflammation of the kidneys, urinary canals, bladder and respiratory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.The juice from fresh basil leaves are used in purulent inflammation of the middle ear.

Cilantro (coriander) since ancient times known as a spicy flavor and as a healing plant.Its fruit contains essential oil complex composition, many different acids, proteins, vitamin C, organic acids, sugars, fructose, glucose, sucrose and the like. D. In folk medicine, fruit of coriander used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the like anthelmintic drug.

Mustard is folk medicine since ancient times.Even in ancient times, Siberian peasants poured mustard powder into the socks and go so a few days to get rid of colds.Mustard is a good treatment for sciatica.1 tablespoon.spoon mustard powder was triturated in warm water to the consistency of sour cream, spread on a fabric or gauze top cover paper.The water should be about 50 C.

Mustard seed is used for catarrh of the stomach and dyspepsia.It should drink no ground mustard seed with water.Begin with a single seed and go up to 20, increasing the dose daily for 1 seed.Reaching 20 seeds, it is necessary to diminish at 1 seed per day, reducing the intake of natural preparations to naught.Drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

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