12 August

Dandelion Wine ( healing juices from medicinal plants )

you like juice?Of course, this tasty and healthy drink, especially freshly prepared fruit and vegetables.Juices quench thirst, promote digestion, give a feeling of satiety, treated.Probably, in the daily diet each person has a variety of juices.Have you tried the juices of dandelion, nettle and plantain?

course, these drinks are not as common as, for example, grape or orange juice but they contain so many vitamins necessary for the human and trace elements that are able to cope with many diseases and enhance immunity shaken over the winter.

Do not miss the opportunity to try these drinks and taking care of your health.Now is the best time to heal and strengthen the body juices, because many medicinal plants have already entered into force.And the season is just beginning, and you can enjoy all the riches of nature pantry.

Here are some recipes of traditional medicine, based on the medicinal properties of plants familiar to us.

- nettle juice has long been used as an expectorant and anti-inflamma

tory agent in chronic bronchitis, acts smyagchayusche bronchial asthma, recommended for rheumatic diseases.Nettle juice helps blood formation and stimulates the metabolism.The juice squeezed from fresh plants, take a mixture of 1 tablespoon of juice and honey 3 times a day after meals.

- Sorrel juice contains vitamins.B1, B2, C, K, PP, mineral salts, malic, citric and oxalic acid.This juice acts as a general tonic, improves digestion, used for allergies, accompanied by pruritus and anemia.Take a glass of sorrel juice with a tablespoon of honey 3 times a day.

- hawthorn juice squeezed from the flowers, leaves and berries.Flowers and leaves are harvested in May, berries - in October.Hawthorn juice regulates heart activity, dilates blood vessels and improves the supply of oxygen to the heart, lowers blood pressure.Take hawthorn juice by half a cup with a tablespoon of honey 3 times a day.

- plantain juice is used as an anti-inflammatory agent in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, gastritis with low acidity of the stomach.Take juice 1-2 tablespoons spoons of juice with a tablespoon of honey twice a day before meals (juice should be diluted in half a glass of water at room temperature).

- birch juice has anti-inflammatory properties, is used for inflammation of the urinary tract, kidney disease, arthritis and metabolic disorders.Take birch juice 1 cup with a tablespoon of honey 3 times a day after meals.

- lots of Lettuce Juice contains carotene, vitamin B1, B2, OT, P, K, E, C, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and iodine.According to the content of iron lettuce juice is second only to the onions and spinach.It calming effect on the nervous system and improves sleep.Regular intake of lettuce juice improves metabolism and digestion, strengthens the vascular strength, helps reduce blood pressure.Take a glass of juice with a tablespoon of honey 2 times a day.

- Dandelion juice is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron and sulfur.It promotes blood formation, improves liver function, acts firming.It is obtained from leaves and roots.Take necessary 1 tablespoon juice and honey 3 times a day.And try to mix dandelion juice with carrot juice - the juice will make it more useful and tasty.

If you enjoy fiction, you may remember Ray Bradbury and invented them dandelion wine.True, the great science fiction has not led the recipe of this wine.But these recipes there, and one of them is here:

For wine choose dandelions , whose petals are easily separated from the receptacle.Plucked petals immediately fold into an enamel or glass container and pour a layer of sugar.From time to time the dishes with dandelions shake and rammed layers of wooden pestle (in the capacity of 3 liters, you will need a half to two kilograms of sugar).After 3-4 days, the mixture settles petals and sugar, you can collect a second crop of flowers.Fill in the three-liter jar or pot up to the top, stir and add about half a liter of boiled water.Two days later press the petals, strain and add to the sugar syrup.Then add to the mix the juice of two lemons and chopped zest.After another two days, add the juice of two oranges and 150 grams of blue stones with raisins.

Close the container lid with a tube for a discharge of gas and put in a dark place for fermentation.When rapid fermentation process is over, you have to wait another 3-4 days, and then remove the wine from the sediment with a thin hose.

wine is ready in about forty days after gathering the first petal and zasaharivaniya party.After straining turns out delicious, beautiful healing drink.

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