12 August

Bay laurel ( Laurus scented )

Hear whispering sheets Apollo laurel,
How shakes the temple?
who is unclean, run isokroysya!
It's Phoebus knocked on our door
beautiful feet.


bay laurel ( fragrant laurel) - evergreen dioecious tree or tall shrub.Single copies of laurel reach a height of 15 m. The leaves are dark green, shiny, elliptic, leathery, with a slightly wavy edge.Laurel flowers are small, yellowish-white, clustered bunches in the axils of the leaves.Fruit - black and blue odnosemennaya oval drupe.Laurel Blossoms in March - April, the fruits ripen in October, November.Laurel begins to bloom and bear fruit for 4-6-year life.The whole plant is fragrant because of the content of essential oil.

growing laurel in countries with mild subtropical climate.It withstands temperatures down to -13 ┬░ C.Motherland - the Caucasus and Asia Minor.Meets feral on the southern coast of Crimea and on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.Widely cultivated for industrial purposes and as a decorative culture.Laurus susceptible to p

runing, it is easily formed from park borders, different shapes.Available room culture.

In ancient Greece, the laurel was dedicated to Apollo.Temples around him sacred laurel groves.But that is told in the myths.After the victory over the serpent Python Apollo, proud of his victory, he ridiculed the young god of love Eros, "Why do you, baby, bow and arrow?Oh, do not you think to beat me in the art of shooting? "Offended Eros decided to take revenge Apollo.He drew from his quiver two arrows: one, smashing heart and endearing, it pierced the heart of Apollo, another kills love, let in the heart of Daphne, daughter of the river god and goddess Gaia Peneius land.

met once beautiful Daphne Apollo and loved her.But as soon as Daphne saw the golden-haired Apollo, with the swiftness of a wind began to run: in fact the arrow of Eros, killing love, pierced her heart.She ran, ignoring appeals of Apollo.As the wings rushes after her god of light and is about to overtake.Daphne then addressed to his father Peneyu "Peney Father, help me, and you land!Take from me the way, it only causes me pain. "As soon as she said this, as began to turn in the trunk of her legs, arms became branches, hair - leaves.It turned into a laurel bush .Long sadly I stood before Apollo laurel and said finally: "Let a wreath of greenery adorns your head and let my never wither your greens."

Since then several millennia laurel wreaths adorn the winners.From elephant "laurel" was the word "winner".

ancients believed laurel sacred and tried to use it to tell fortunes.Its leaves were thrown on the coals if they burned with a loud bang, it portends happiness, if little or no crackling - unhappiness.Here is how the scene of divination described in the poem of Theocritus "Witch┬╗:
Delphis insulted me - laurel for Delphis I burn.
as well as a branch in the fire flares up with a bang at first, then suddenly breaks out
, even the ashes of us leaving, -
also let the dust on the fire shatters Delphis body.

Twenty-five centuries ago, the Greeks brought laurel to Crimea together with olives, figs, grapes, cypress.Since laurel found his second home in the south of our country.

laurel has long been used as a medicinal plant.Avicenna believed that laurel "helps with any pain in the joints, and it removes the oil exhaustion.... Laurel as a medication for licking honey or ointment helps with shortness of breath and "stand-breathing", and is also useful in the lungs after a surplus. "He believes also that the crust and laurel drupes able to break up the stones in the liver and kidneys.

currently its use in medicine is limited.The crushed fruit and fatty oil from laurel fruits are part of some ointments, for example in the "Bobkova ointment" used against the scabies mite, and as an analgesic in rheumatism, spasms, tumors.As shown by experiments in laboratory conditions, volatile chemicals laurel suppress the development of the tubercle bacillus.

In folk medicine, laurel oil is used in the treatment of chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis.Apply 10-15 drops mixed with milk, yogurt or tea 2-3 times a day.Water extract of the leaves treat diabetes.To do this, 1-2 tablespoons of crushed leaves of laurel (20-40 pieces), pour two cups of boiling water, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, cool, filter and take one tablespoon 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes before eating.At home, laurel oil is prepared as follows: 30 g of crushed leaves pour 200 g of oil and insist for 3-6 days, then strain and use for rubbing in paralysis.

laurel leaves used as a spicy seasoning.In addition, from the leaves, flowers and fruits get spicy essential oil is widely used in food, perfumery and soap making.Pruning and collection of leaves is usually carried out in autumn and winter from November 15 to February 15, when they accumulate more than essential oil.Collect the leaves in one section of one every two years.

Laurel wreaths are shown in the arms of Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela.

Bay Leaf?No, bay laurel!(Medicinal plants)
bay laurel in recipes of traditional medicine
bay leaves in recipes of traditional medicine

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