18 September

Chaga birch

Nature likes to make fun of our ideas about beauty: sometimes a plain envelope, it hides a real miracle.On such a miracle will be discussed.This birch fungus, better known under the name Chaga.

Collect chaga can be at any time of the year.However, most often it is harvested in late autumn, winter or early spring, when the trees have no leaves and chaga easier to notice.Chaga hem with an ax in a tree trunk, and then cut off from it unsuitable for use lighter colored loose part.Harvested chaga cut into pieces and dried in a dryer or oven at a temperature not exceeding 50-60 ° C.The dried raw material must contain at least 20% extractives and less than 12% moisture.Do not collect growths (fruiting bodies) with dead trees in the bottom of the barrel, as this raw material inactive.

necessary to distinguish chaga from another parasitic fungus birch - Polypore.The latter has a hoof shape (Polypore top convex surface, and the bottom is flat, with a velvety surface).Chaga also is a build-up of irregular sh

ape with a rough surface cracked.

At the time of treatment with the fungus is necessary to renounce the use of penicillin and intravenous glucose.In addition, you should strictly follow the diet, giving preference to products of plant origin.From diet excluded foods and sharp seasoning meats, meat products and animal fats.

Chaga not toxic, its use foresters, hunters as a tea, which boosts the body's defenses, regulates metabolism, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.As a medicine, drink the infusion fungus patients with advanced malignancies that their condition stabilizes, and gastritis with low acidity, stomach ulcers, polyps, liver, spleen.It is useful to use chaga in case of bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis.

Remember: Chaga - a fairly powerful tool, so before self-medicate, consult your doctor or physician phytotherapeutist.

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach ulcer, use this infusion.100g chaga filled for 3-4 hours with warm water, then chopped mushrooms or mince, pour 500 ml of warm water and heated to 40-50 degrees.Infused two days, and then pressed and the resulting infusion is added to that water in which soaked mushrooms initially.Accepted such an infusion for 1 glass 3 times a day.

birch mushroom chaga not recommended only in case of chronic colitis and chronic dysentery.In other cases, Chaga always helps a person cope with the disease.

When fluid retention in the body using the same infusion, but the double strength, ie 500ml of water takes 200 grams of the fungus.When receiving this dose reduced by 2 times - infusion of 100 ml is taken three times a day.It is useful to add to the finished tincture fungus infusion coil, which has an astringent action.

Medicinal plants.BIRCH black fungus (shelf fungus)
Chaga in recipes of traditional medicine.Preparation and application of a birch fungus

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