2 September

Nontraditional methods of treatment .Medeterapiya

about the healing properties of copper people learned a long time ago.In ancient India, it was treated with a skin and eye disease.Recipes various "copper drugs" were in the arsenal of physicians around the world.Aristotle wrote that attachment to copper injury prevents bruising and swelling that copper cures.In Ancient Greece, copper was used to cure deafness and inflammation of the tonsils.Ancient East Doctors treated fractures red copper powder which is taken orally and drink water or milk.

Russia also has long been used for the treatment of copper.She was treated with radiculitis, polyarthritis, bruises and broken bones, epilepsy and many other diseases, even cholera.It has been observed that in the terrible cholera years of working brass casting plants, as well as living near the warehouse copper cholera does not hurt.

Copper relieves inflammation, soothes pain and accelerates the maturation of abscesses, avoids infectious diseases, stimulates the body's defenses, has a local bactericidal action

in contact with skin.When treating

can use coins ranging from 1 to 8 cm in diameter, 1-3 mm thick.For greater effect, before using them should be ignited in the fire, cool and clean sandpaper.Disks are superimposed on the painful areas ranging from 6 hours to 3-5 days and fixed with an adhesive plaster.After removing the skin underneath wash with warm water and soap.Usually medeterapii course lasts from 3 to 20 days.

noticed that the effect of the above, when the plate is pulled skin that under the plate acquires a greenish color.Folk healers believe that if there is a leather grip with copper, copper can be used for treatment, if not - Copper useless.

In life copper can be applied to the sore spot and just pribintovyvayut.If the location is selected overlay inaccurate plate under the bandage itself moves to the right place.Bacteriological effect of copper is widely used for the sterilization of water, the treatment of inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes.

Treat copper and broken bones, bruises, abscesses.

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