12 August

Nontraditional methods of treatment .Lithotherapy - treated gemstones and minerals

Countless wealth of minerals and gems that nature presents us.Red, white, yellow, colorful, transparent and patterned - they are hot and dull shimmer sparkle in a variety of jewelry, pleasing to the eye carved sculptures and intricate mosaic panels, widely used in the watch and the medical industry.Now all the stones you can buy freely at trade shows or in jewelry stores of natural kamney.S ancient times known to people what rocks and minerals can affect the human body.It was already known that the stones have an energy field that is by prolonged exposure has beneficial effects on the human body of a patient.Since then, as it is believed that the wearing and the contemplation of a certain stone or mineral is beneficial for the body.Today, treatment of natural stones, which is also called «lithotherapy» , regained popularity.

most common is undoubtedly amber .Petrified for many thousands of years of ancient pine resin contains succinic acid - the active biostimulator stabilizing internal enzymes respo

nsible for metabolism.In addition, getting into the body (in contact with the jewelry made of amber skin), succinic acid inhibits toxins getting into unhealthy cells.It is beneficial in diseases of the throat, thyroid, liver, kidney, joints, and she did not accumulate in the body and does not have negative side effects.Amber has a healing effect in infections, it brings peace and balance, helping to make decisions.

Amazonite perfectly removes unnecessary anxiety, purifies the whole body of toxins, removes the feeling of insecurity, help calm tolerate stressful situations, creates an optimistic mood.Being a strong energy stone prolongs life, enhancing the regenerative capacity of the body and strengthen the immune system.

.Govoryat Onyx, Onyx that the radiation is capable of operating the "brain" of the stomach.If you wear the stone in the solar plexus, it has beneficial effects on digestion and appetite, normalizes the liver, treat diarrhea and constipation, it helps to expel worms.It is also a talisman elderly, t. To. They depart from troubles, relieves loneliness, gives pep.It is believed that onyx enhances memory, improves hearing and vision, helps with asthma and impotence.Onyx with parallel yellow stripes helps with epilepsy, for it can be worn in a silk pouch around his neck

coil -Horn breed dark green snake with a characteristic pattern.This mineral - a very strong energy that creates a sense of protection and peace of mind.Drains from the damaged fields of education and negative emotions, so has long been used in the treatment of physical and mental diseases.This stone also works as an amulet, talisman, protection against damage, the evil eye.Not for nothing he is the mascot of doctors, homeopaths, doctors, masseurs.Its good to have in the building, because the presence of mineral clears space.

Aquamarine removes meteozavisimost, helps with diseases of the respiratory tract.

Jasper fit absolutely everyone.This is a wonderful and selfless giver of power: the stone protects the wearer from negative influences and cleans the space from everything extraneous.Stone can affect even at a distance, for example, if portrait insert jasper frame.

Rose Quartz .In the East, the colors of dawn stone called the "stone of the heart."His gentle healing vibrations it relieves nervous tension, helping to cure heart disease, to heal the soul.People with amulets made of quartz rozovo¬go become kinder and more tolerant.Wear this stone in the form of beads, pendants, amulets.For insomnia and nightmares the stone should be put under the pillow.

Rubin helps with headaches, purifies the blood and strengthens the heart, gives courage and hope.It warns about the dangers of changing color.

Topaz protects the immune system, strengthens the nerves, encouraging, helping to balance the emotions.

On emerald can just watch.Just emerald saves from depression and epilepsy.At the head of the bed or under the pillow relieves insomnia.It is very useful for the eyes.When worn on the neck improves vision and removes forgetfulness.Promotes longevity, protects adultery.

experts, doctors with stones, advised at least once a week to put them in cold running water to cleanse stones.

Now it's easy to explain our desire to possess one or another decoration, because they bring health and love!Almost all the stones, framed in gold, become stronger, with the exception of black stones - they are more silver.

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