12 August

Sprouted miracle.Nontraditional methods of treatment

If you are experiencing health problems, whether it be obesity, gastrointestinal disease, total blockage of an organism slags, then, before you get carried away by drugs, try to heal itself with the help of sprouted seeds and grains.This is a simple, cheap and effective way to regain lost zdorove.V one old book much space is devoted to the healing properties of wheat germ, which "strengthens all the innards and bodily force claims."It is especially appreciated during the military campaigns, when increased physical and nervous load.

What is the secret of miracle seeds?Seeds can be considered as the focus of life.But life is "sleeping" in them.When a seed gives a germ, it is "raskonserviruetsya": exempt incredible energy flows produced enzymes, vitamins, proteins, and other much-needed body substances.For example, in wheat seedlings in vitamins C and B increased more than 5 times (including B2 - 13 times).The resulting beans minerals are in a natural state and is easily absorbed by the body.Therefore, th

e daily ration of 100 g is sufficient to provide the body with potassium and magnesium.

Additionally, "live" grains possess great energy, which has an amazing ability - to restore the cells and tissues of the body, cleansing them from disease began.Especially useful for such food to elderly people, whose bodies are packed with waste products of metabolism.

soaked in water, grain (wheat, rye, barley, corn, lentils, beans, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, radish, etc.) Saturated with oxygen, and then sends all this life-giving gas tissues and cells in the body.

principle of growing seedlings is common to all grains.First - Rinsing and soaking for swelling, followed by germination in moist, warm environment.If mold is washed off under running water.

easiest way germinating wheat.She washed in the pan, and the supernatant removed husk and soaked overnight in warm water.Then again rinsed in a sieve or a bag of coarse cloth (curtains tulle) for the removal of sand and poured into a pan.It is covered with a lid and put in a warm place.After 1.5 - 2 days seedlings reach a length of 1-3 mm.They are ready to eat.

sprouted grains, it is desirable to eat raw.You can, skipping them through a meat grinder, add the first and second courses, or bake in the oven.The remaining granules can be placed in the refrigerator to arrest growth or dried.Dry sprouted grains does not deteriorate, become softer, easy to crack.Pounded in a mortar mixer or ground dried sprouts can be added to the first dishes and pastries.

wheat-vegetable mixture.
Grind in a meat grinder sprouted grains, carrots, beets, soaked dried fruit, raisins, dried apricots, celery, dandelion, parsnip, parsley.All the mix, add a little honey for preservation.Keep refrigerated.During the week, the mixture loses its medicinal properties.Instead of honey, you can use vegetable oil.

varying plants and picking them according to your disease, you can purposefully influence the speedy recovery and healing.For example, adding the parsley, you will restore the health of the kidneys, adding yarrow, - stimulate the appetite, it will have an aphrodisiac and choleretic effect.Such mixtures are particularly useful in winter and early spring.At this time, the mixture can be cooked with dry herbs and crumbled dried fruits.

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