12 August

Bath attacks colds and flu (this is useful to know )

bath helps healthy people to maintain vitality, and temper avoid disease.At the height of the influenza epidemics and acute viral infections bath lovers usually are in good health.But the room and helps with colds.If you can do without drugs, it is necessary to make this choice.In mild cold bath and a companion to her tea with raspberries or honey can bring more benefits than pills.But even better long-term constant profilaktika.Nemetskie physiologists studying the mechanism of saunas, came to the conclusion that under the influence of heat bath and contrasting procedures in blood increases to 10-15 percent of the number of white blood cells, which do not only capture and digest bacteria, but also produce Leikin -bactericides.

noticed that the injuries of those who use the bath, heal faster.When you hover to the joints and ligaments enhanced flow of oxygen and nutrients.Under the influence of hot air pohlestyvaniya broom increased flexibility and mobility of the ligamentous apparatus.Swelling, stiffnes

s, pain after physical exertion easily eliminated in the bath.Heat and pohlestyvanie broom promote the resorption of edema and abnormal deposits in the joints.Caused by heat postegivaniem broom, contrast showers redistribution of blood and lymph in the body enhances the recovery processes.

Rheumatism - a very insidious and intractable diseases.But it can give way to regular heat and contrasting procedures.It has long been in Russia treat rheumatism in the bath.At the same time, to increase the impact of the heat bath, used antirheumatic teas and a variety of folk remedies.Enjoy fine grindings tincture fighter root on alcohol, rubbing on the basis of strong vodka, ammonia, peppers

mustard, salt rubbing, composition based on ginger, rubbing camphor-mustard-alcohol ointment

widely used ointment based on olive oil, cayenne redpepper and kerosene.

To obtain the desired temperature steam, hot furnace stones should be 2-3 times pour hot water.Water should pour small portions - half a cup or glass, then steam will not burn.

These experts instead of water baths used infusions of aromatic herbs, the so-called bath cocktails.Each composition has its own characteristics and is used in certain cases.Most often used antiseptic balm - a strong infusion of herbs taken in equal proportions of peppermint, sage, thyme, eucalyptus leaves.It is prepared fresh before visiting the steam room.The gang bannuyu add 50-100 ml infusion.The steam produced by this balsam, cleans and disinfects the premises.

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