12 August

Nontraditional methods of treatment .Acupuncture.Indications and contraindications of acupuncture

Acupuncture - it came to us from the distant Chinese method of treatment, which is based on the introduction of special needles into specific points on the skin and thus the impact of certain internal organs.acupuncture therapy philosophy is based on the fact that in our body circulates vital energy qi, which is a balance between positive and negative.This energy flows through the meridians (energy channels that connect to each other the very specific point, in which the needle and injected).If the balance between the "+" and "-" is broken, then there is a failure in the normal functioning of the body.And acupuncture task - to restore the lost balance and thereby help to get rid of the disease.Each of the points is responsible for one or an internal organ, or for the entire system, such as the digestive, respiratory and circulatory.

acupuncturist must have a medical degree and be an experienced professional, otherwise complications may occur during acupuncture.Many argue that the probability of the pro

blems is negligible.Nevertheless, it is, and the patient should be on this issue fully enlightened.For example, if you accidentally touch the vessel is not strong bleeding was observed after withdrawal of the needle.Sometimes after a careless insertion of the needle occurs reflex spasm of muscles, and will need a gentle massage to the needle came loose.It is extremely frustrating when the needle touches a nerve - in a patient there is a feeling as if he had an electric shock.Moreover, it may be a situation in which, without urgent surgical intervention is indispensable.Therefore, the choice is very professional approach and very responsible.

Acupuncture is especially effective in the removal of pain syndromes.

In addition, this method of treatment is shown in the following diseases:

• asthma

• allergic

• insomnia

• posleinsultnoe state

• high blood pressure

• sciatica, arthritis, arthrosis

• muscle pain in the back, neck, shoulder girdle

• sprain

• neuralgia

• migraine, repetitive headaches

• toothache

• prolonged depression and other disorders of the central nervoussystem

• feeling unwell, directly associated with the entry into menopause

• obesity

• impotence, as well as some other violations of sexual

• conjunctivitis, myopia

• nicotine, alcohol and drug addiction.

Attention!By carrying out acupuncture there are contraindications:

• malignancies

• mental illness

• pregnancy

• breastfeeding

• various infectious diseases

• hemophilia

• extreme exhaustion.

Interesting fact : in America, as a rule, are very distrustful of "not their" treatments, but the Chinese acupuncture is not only taken root in this country, but also became an officially recognized.Acupuncture recently accepted into the ranks of the legal, ie legitimized the American methods of treatment of the health system, which indicates the high efficiency of acupuncture.

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