3 September

Treatment of dry heat ( traditional methods of treatment of otitis media , sinusitis , and others . )

At the word "yellow card", we instantly recall not the most pleasant feeling that went through everyone at least once in their lifetime.Nevertheless, on the mustard we always say with gratitude, because it can help in cases where drugs and can not cope.It is therefore useful to have a home with a bag of dry mustard - just sluchay.Sekret dry heat that under the influence of local heating improves blood circulation in the patient's body

to inflamed tissues more oxygen and nutrients provided by the outflow of the best products of metabolism andcarbon dioxide, and thus eliminates stagnation, reduce inflammation.In this local temperature rise in itself destroys infection.It is known that many microorganisms - causative agents of inflammation, thrive at a temperature of 36.6 degrees, are killed at a temperature of 37 degrees.

At home, the sources dry heat may be reflector lamp, and sunlight (sit by the window).For heating, you can use any suitable object that will be at your fingertips: a smooth round ston

e hammer.

retains heat well, and therefore prolonged exposure to flax seed.Sew special bags right size of dense natural fabric and fill them with linseed.Heat bags or on a clean, dry frying pan or a hot iron.If you can not be in the right time flaxseed hand, fill a clean river sand bags or table salt - they hold heat well.And now give examples of domestic physiotherapy.


Warm up sinuses 5-6 times a day for 10-15 minutes.Use this, for example, bags of salt or flaxseed.The simplest thing that can be used to warm the maxillary sinuses - is cooked and lightly ostuzhennoy egg.

boil an egg.If it is too hot, in your opinion, wrap it with a towel or paper towel and apply to the area of ​​the maxillary sinus.When the egg cools, cook it again - and so you can do a lot of times.

If sinusitis is just beginning, with a certain tenacity you can cope with it.But usually, it requires a complex disease treatment and dry heat - only part of it.


Regular warm ear with otitis provide some anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, but warm ear should be at least 3 times a day.To do this, you can also use conventional reflector lamp with a blue light, and a hot water bottle and bags of salt or flaxseed.Best of all, if during the procedure you would like to lay his ear on the heat source (make sure that there are no burns).Then softened by heat recovery of sulfur flowing outside the auditory canal and thereby purified.Warm up sore ear for 10-15 minutes, then close the large wad of cotton wool ear and secure it with a handkerchief or a hat for a while.

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