12 August

Nontraditional methods of treatment .Jasper - source of vitality

Jasper is one of the most popular gems known more primitive cheloveku.V antiquity implied a jasper transparent chalcedony, usually green.Now the concept of "jasper" includes a class of minerals, which are based on siliceous rocks with various inclusions, including chalcedony, as well as iron and aluminum oxides.

name "Jasper" is derived from the Greek word "jasper" - colorful, probably derived from the Arabic "yashb", the ancient Jewish "yasfe" and Persian "jasper".In Russia, once the word "jasper" means "speckled stone".To cut jasper is very beautiful.Experts say that there is no color, and this color, which would not be captured jasper.Only blue Yvette is very rare for her.Some have a complex pattern of jasper (landscape, risunchatye etc.).Prevailing colors - gray, from green to dark green, yellow, various shades, surguchno- red, brown, rarely from blue to blue or purple.

Today Jasper - one of the most popular (especially in Russia), and low-cost semi-precious gemstones and stones.It is widely used

for inserts in a variety of jewelry and clothing accessories (cuff links, tie pins, rings, bracelets, brooches), as well as for the production of ashtrays, boxes, candlesticks, writing instruments and GDThe world's best jade mined in Russia in the Urals (mainly in the southern Urals - mezhlh Chilssom and Op-sky), Altai and the North Caucasus.The most exotic variegated jasper come from deposits on Mount Colonel and Orsk.

Jasper - amulet innovators, men of science, travelers, explorers, generally everyone who strives for everything new, in all its forms and manifestations.Jasper symbolizes beauty, elegance and richness.Her cool tones give the owner the courage and fortitude.Utensils made of jasper significantly enhances the effect of herbal and other aqueous solutions.Jasper - a wonderful and selfless giver of energy products from the spherical shape of the minera¬la creates conditions for accumulation of energy in the body, which is especially useful for people having an explosive temper.Jasper - a single stone, removing all negative energy potential, which has been accumulated by the body.Jasper - Talisman peaceful and blagodenstvennogo house, where there is order and harmony in all areas of life, because it protects the owner and his home from negative influences and cleans the space from strangers.Jasper can protect not only its owner, but also those who are dear to its owner, especially if it is imperceptible to enclose in a pocket or a bag of a loved one.

Jasper strengthens the heart, eyes, stomach.Jasper has a good healing energy.Treats liver and gall bladder, kidneys and bladder.The Russian trading books of XVI century wrote: "Red Stone Heart otveselit in sorrow and obscene thoughts drive away, mind and multiplies the honor, power and memory of the person heals."Jasper greenish-blue color sharpens intuition, relieves depression.Red jasper activates cardiac function and activity of the endocrine glands: stimulates circulation.Avicenna advised to keep her in the abdomen (on the solar plexus or navel) of gastric diseases.Stone used by men with prostate inflammation, and women - infertility and gynecological disorders.Constant wearing of jasper sharpens the sense of smell.Wearing jasper possible and in silver, and in gold.Jasper fits perfectly to all people.

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