12 August

Rostock health and energy .Nontraditional methods of treatment

No book on natural food is not without Council include in your diet germinated grains and seeds.Even for three thousand years BC, the Chinese used in food bean sprouts and wheat germ in Russia included in the nutrition of sick or weakened detey.V during swelling and sprouting beans increases the amount of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, as well as new and useful formsubstances that are not available for assimilation in normal neproroschennom grain.Naturopaths not only germinated wheat and rye, and buckwheat, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and various legumes.

germination take about a half cup of wheat or other grains, wash all this under running water 2-3 times.Remove immature, damaged or incomplete kernels, as they will be of more harm than good.Washed Grain lay a layer height of no more than 2-3 cm in a flat plate, fill them with water so that the upper layer of grains only touched the surface of the water.This cover with cheesecloth and place in a bright and warm place where the

temperature stays around 22 degrees.

Make sure that the grain is not dried up, for what little moisten them with water at regular intervals.After 24-30 hours of your grain will show little white sprouts.Once they become a length of 1.5-2 mm, again rinse thoroughly, completely get rid of unpleasant specific smell, which can be a source of various chemical fertilizers and other pollutants trapped in the grain (of course, in an ideal germination take environmentallypure seeds and grains, artificial fertilizers) are not applied in the cultivation of that.

obtained grains with small two-millimeter germs and biogenic eat your food.If your grain sprouted stronger, they can not be consumed as germinated.In this case it is better to wait until they turn into green, which must be cut off from the grain and to eat.

portion received seedlings chew for a long time to get a good mix grain with saliva and to get the most nutrients.In the long chewing your wheat will become a so-called "wheat jelly", and buckwheat, and rye - in "buckwheat" or "rye milk."To do this, sometimes 1 teaspoon of germinated seeds have to chew, making up 50-60 chewing movements.Those who are interested in naturopathic nutrition, argue that in this case, is fueled not only our physical body, but also the energy shell.

plant seeds are living biological structure and have great vitality.This huge potential for successfully using this technique as a healing Seed Therapy.

For its implementation, you can use the classic method of influence on the reflex points on the skin where as a massage tool, and will be performing seeds and plant corn.And if you want a good idea to try and method of biological or energy impacts seeds.In both cases, the first seed of the desired plant is applied to specially selected point and secured with adhesive on it.Being attached to the area on the skin reflexively associated with an unhealthy body, the seed of the plant supplies the body with healing energy, at the same time absorbing the energy of the disease.As a result, the treatment of seeds can change its structure, shape and color, to become soft or brittle, crack, duck, increase or decrease in size.

seeds of different medicinal plants differ in shape, color, size, and accordingly, and its therapeutic effect.There are several approaches to choosing the right seed.Firstly, you can pick up a seed depending on the shape of the body that is sick, that is, rounded bodies treated seeds rounded, pear-shaped - seed pear-shaped, etc. Of course, intestines, nose, lips -.. Have an elongated shape

eyes, head, breasts - rounded

uterus and gall bladder - pear

pancreas - acinar.

Kidney bean seeds treated, and the heart - of buckwheat seeds, walnut is used if there are problems in the brain, and bones of grapes - in pancreatic diseases.

Another approach - is the use of seeds of plants, taking into account the properties.In such cases, the selected plant, which is usually treated diseased organ, and that it is applied to seeds reflex zones on the skin.For example, watermelon seeds or parsley - with kidney disease, hawthorn - with heart disease.

Which approach to choose, can be solved on the basis of the presence in the house of the necessary plants and their seeds, as well as on the basis of receiving a treatment modality.The main thing is that we must not forget - use the seeds need to be alive, that is, those that are able to receive the plants.Only in this case they will have the necessary bioenergy effects on your body.Polished grain not suitable - they are dead and can not be treated, but the grains and seeds in the husk fit most.

Before attaching the selected seed to the skin, you must ensure that the point of its attachment is correct.Put a hand on a sheet of paper and draw around it with a pencil.After that, turn the drawing to the four fingers are pointing downwards, and move the outline of thumb - place it on the palm of the median line.

If the upper phalanx of the finger to draw the eyes, nose and mouth, you'll get almost the exact human body image: the longer middle finger and ring finger - the legs, the little finger and index finger - hand (little finger - right, index - left hand).Each joint in the finger will in this case correspond to the joint on the arm or leg - the closer to the tip of the finger joint, the lower joint located on the arm or leg it corresponds.For example, joints closest to the nails of the little finger and index finger, represent wrist joints of the hands and joints near the fingertips - shoulder joints.

Once you understand about where is located on a palm desired organ, any pointed object (sharpened match) inspect the land in the area of ​​the patient's body by a press gentle.When one of the points will respond with pain, then apply seed at this place and fix tape.In the treatment it is important that the seed is not shifted from its place.To see this, press the seed under the plaster - you have to feel the pain again.Massaging medical point should be within two minutes 3-4 times a day, periodically pushing the point with seeds.It quickly removes the pain and acute condition.Sometimes it has a 2-minute acute manifestations of the disease disappear.

In the treatment of chronic diseases more important role played by biological effects: through the corresponding point seed generously gives to the patient body stored in its vitality.During the day, the seed exhausts its supply of energy, and then in its place you need to paste a new one.Plaster better use of paper-based to seed underneath to breathe.If the patch for some reason, become detached, attached to it and replace with fresh seed.To the palm point ceased to be painful for the treatment of chronic diseases (which indicates recovery), it may take two weeks, and more.In some cases, painful points must be given a rest - the seeds stick to his left hand today and tomorrow - to the right.

If the diseased organ is small, then one seed will be enough, but if the body occupies a large area, then cover the entire area of ​​the body on the palm seeds or lay out a few seeds freely in this area.

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