12 August

" Music heals body and soul " ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

Ā«Music heals body and soul" - this inscription can be seen on some of the Italian Renaissance instruments.With the soul it is clear - the music really affects our mood and psyche: it soothes, relaxes, enthralls, causes aggression, makes you laugh or cry.But how can it affect the body? Sound, rhythm and musical harmony directly affect our emotional state.A mental health - a pledge of physical health.As is known, "all diseases - from nerves."

For example, diseases such as hypertension, angina pectoris, gastric ulcer and other systemic diseases (diseases of the internal organs), most often due not nemoshyu physical or hereditary predisposition, and especially the nature of man, his world view.That is, to get rid of these diseases or even prelotvratit them, it is necessary to change the attitude to life - it should be more positive and optimistic.Of course, this is not so easy, but you can start small - with the mood of every day you want to receive a positive charge, give yourself a positive attitude.And

the music here - one of the main tools of therapeutic effects.

For example, psychologists have noticed that Mozart's music has a truly magical universal

action - helps to overcome depression, eliminate mental stress.Relieve stress can also be due to the works of Schubert, Chopin: Music helps them to understand their own feelings, to know yourself better.And Tchaikovsky symphony free the soul from suffering, unpleasant memories.Shostakovich's music helps to control negative emotions, and the creation Wiese, Strauss, Lehar and Kalman form in humans optimistic attitude.Besides, it does not matter whether you are listening to music or play it yourself.

Generally, there are several theories and trends in music therapy.

On one of them, the main healing factor in the music - is the rhythm.In nature, everything is subject to certain rhythms, including the human body.Each body vibrates in its own way, and its vibrations may coincide with the rhythms and energy of certain sounds and instruments.So, doctors recommend such "musical medicineĀ»:

- flute - clears the lungs

- cello - helps people with diseased kidneys

- church organ - harmonizes the flow of energy in the spine

- violin and piano music calms the nerves

exceptof Piano normalizes the thyroid

- drums and harp in cardiology irreplaceable: they restore heart rhythm and normalize the circulatory system:

- tambourine, oboe and clarinet "balance" the liver

- cello beneficial effect on the kidneys.

- a saxophone, the sexiest musical instrument activates the corresponding energy, restores potency.

Knowing in unison sounds "wayward rhythm" with which the tool (ie, the patient) the body, you can choose the appropriate music and regularly listen to the rhythms of the healing - and soon the whole body will find a clean, healthy "sound".

therapeutic effect of music is not only a tool but also a genre in which she sounds.

As we have seen, classical music has universal health effects - and on the psyche and the body.

spiritual and religious music relieves pain.

Jazz, blues and reggae relieve depression.

Pop music can lift a mood and ruin it.

Melodic rock relieves nervous and muscular tension in small quantities.

But hard rock may instead hurt - he is often unconscious aggression.

Rap is also not recommended for frequent listening - it also arouses negative emotions.

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