12 August

What do we know about the " cleansing " the body ?

How often we hear the term "slagging of the organism", "cleaning the body", and so on. And every time the question arises, how and how polluted our bodies?Where did this all come from?From the food, from the air, everywhere.

terms of carcinogenicity (risk of cancer), fried cooked food safer.Recycling of fats in the cooking process is strictly forbidden - it is ready to carcinogens gastrointestinal tract.In this case, the savings can cost lives, if not life, then the treatment is very expensive for sure.

A normal person should arouse horror and disgust pasties and all the products that the whole day is cooked in the same oil, add only a little fresh.

If the home no one smokes, it is also good insurance against disease.

But in fact, the human body - a perfect self-cleaning and self-healing system, in the absence of serious diseases of individual organs and systems of the body, he cleaned himself and does not require any "cleansing" the body.

Moreover, it is impossible to separate clean liver, kidneys

separately, blood, intestines, etc., in the body, everything is interconnected.And some methods of "cleansing" so extravagant that even wonder how a person after such executions in general remains alive.

Not to mention nothing of enemas, which supposedly "clean" the body.In addition they can harm not bring anything because washed with beneficial microorganisms from the intestine, there is a change in the balance of microflora in the colon mucosa, it is very difficult to restore later.So do not get carried away with enemas, the recommendations to make them or not, can give a doctor.

And if you really want all the same "clean up" your body, drink once a month enterosorbent, at least, does not bring harm, but in this case is not superfluous to consult with your doctor.

In general, remember: medical consultation is required with any method of self .

# In the spring, when the body's defenses, the immune system is weakened, it is useful to drink the next infusion of herbs: nettle, White birch, elder flowers - all to take equally.To stir thoroughly.1 tablespoon of the resulting collection pour a glass of boiling water, leave overnight in a thermos, drain.Take on an empty stomach in the morning and warm at night, and a half teaspoon of honey.

Flowers elder, a part of this infusion, well purify the blood, remove unpleasant body odor, well help in the treatment of acne and pimples.Sprigs of elderberries are toxic, their use not lechshe.

# If someone had a heart attack or suffer from hypertension, sclerosis of cerebral vessels, the next collection is perfect for cleaning the body, for the normalization of the cardiovascular system: take in equal amounts chamomile, Helichrysum sand, St. John's wortbirch buds (all 100g).All mix, pour the jar and close in a tight lid.In the evening before going to bed, take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, let stand 20 minutes, then strain and drink 1 cup of infusion 20-30 minutes after eating.Then on that day I did not have anything else to eat or drink.The next morning, adding the remainder of the infusion of 1 teaspoon of honey and drink it on an empty stomach is slightly heated.You need to drink 20-30 minutes before eating.And for such a scheme to take so long, until the end of the entire collection.Next repeat this treatment will be possible only after a year and a half.

# To strengthen the vascular wall, the purification of vessels by sclerotic plaques, improving liver function, kidney and gastrointestinal tract is necessary to prepare the following mixture: birch buds, chamomile, yarrow, immortelle sandy - all for 100 g herbs and stir 1dessert spoon mixture brew 1 cup of boiling water, simmer on a water bath to 15 minutes.Drink three times a day for 30 minutes before a meal, as long as until the end of the entire mixture.

# olden times our grandparents winter never drank coffee, tea, and rarely drank water, and drink stewed fruit (stewed fruit).Separately steamed leaves and flowers and fruits of thorns, and added to stewed fruit ready.The composition of the fruit for stewed fruit can be any, and apples and turn it should be mandatory.Insist stewed fruit 3 days, only then drink it.

# has cleansing properties and blueberries.In addition, it rejuvenates the body and it is believed that even blueberries destroys tumor cells.There it can be in any amount, and French doctors also advised to drink tea from the leaves of bilberry.To do this, 1 tablespoon of finely chopped leaves and pour 1 cup boiling water.

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