12 August

How to get cocoa butter and cocoa powder ?( Useful and healthy food )

ripe fruits carefully cut with a sharp knife to avoid damage to the immature fruit and flowers, and placed in a container coated inside with a soft cloth.Prior to fermentation, the beans

may be stored up to one week.However, the fruits collected in the shortest possible time reveal sharp machetes, wooden hammer or a box of crushed seeds druguyu.Syrye subjected to fermentation (fermentation) in piles, baskets or boxes covered with banana leaves or burlap.Fermentation lasts from 3 to 7 days.During the first 36 hours of fermentation the mass temperature rises the beans to about 35 ° C, and further - to 50 ° C seed embryos Death occurs due to the penetration therein of alcohol and acetic acid.The mucus around the seed is destroyed, purple pigment diffuses through the cotyledon tissue, causing further chocolate smell

proteins are hydrolyzed to amino acids.Cotyledons in the fermentation process, and cringe otdepyayutsya from the skin, fades astringency, aroma and flavor appears.After fermentation, the beans are scattered on the dry ground or on mats and dried in the sun for about 7 days.The moisture content therein is reduced from 56% to 6%

bean weight loss during fermentation and drying of 55-64%.After drying, the beans are polished using special machines or the soles of feet.Polishing with his feet in Trinidad and Tobago is known as "the dance of cocoa."

Then during sorting performed manually or by machine, do not remove the peeled and damaged cocoa beans, and various impurities.The mill was triturated beans, from which oil is recovered by compressing called cocoa butter, and the powder was used to prepare the cocoa drink, chocolate and other products.In 1828, the Netherlands was invented fat extraction method from the beans, and they have become more tasty and digestible.The extracted oil is used for the manufacture of chocolate or sell as cocoa butter.Cocoa beans contain the following ingredients: 35% water, 45% starch and 6% sugar, 0.8% caffeine, polyphenols 5.2%, 0.6% acid, 2.6% of mineral salts.

Cocoa butter is composed largely of glycerides of palmitic, stearic and oleic acids.At room temperature, cocoa butter, solid (its melting temperature in the range 28-36 ° C).It is used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, confectionery and other industries.Shell-peel beans used to prepare theobromine, fat, vitamin D, substitute cocoa powder.Fruit shell is used as fertilizer on agricultural plantations.

Cocoa beans contain up to 1.8% of theobromine, has antispasmodic and hypotensive effect.In medicine, it is used at spasms of the heart and blood vessels of the brain, and as a diuretic.In contrast to the structurally closest caffeine, it causes a less pronounced effect on the central nervous system.

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