12 August

Interesting facts about the brain

* To view the brain need to drink plenty of fluids.The brain, like the rest of the human body is about 75% water.Therefore, those who like to sit on the dewatering diets often complain of memory impairment and slowing of intellectual activity.

* Our short-term memory can store at the same time, only seven objects.You probably did not even guess that is why most of phone numbers consist of seven digits.However, a person can take to train a larger number of items, if you teach him to combine objects into groups.

* It is best perceived by the brain of yellow-green color.Our eyes have receptors for the perception of blue, green and red.But the brain does not receive information about colors, and about the difference of light and dark, and the difference between the colors.

* The regular work of the brain can prevent the development of Alzheimer's syndrome.Intellectual activity causes production of extra tissue that compensates for the ailing.Therefore, the elderly in particular need to solve crossword pu

zzles and puzzles.

* Prayer is not for nothing exists in all religions.When a person prays (like meditating) in the brain occur Delta waves are usually in infants in the first six months of life.We are distracted from reality, and this is a very good effect on our brains.

* Mental work tires the brain!The composition of the blood flowing through it, is unchanged over active brain activity, however long it lasted.It is noteworthy that if a person has worked all day to take blood from a vein analysis, it will contain a certain percentage of "fatigue toxins".

* The brain wakes up in the body longer.Intellectual abilities immediately after waking up is lower than after a sleepless night or in a state of moderate severity of intoxication."Wake up" the brain in the morning will help to read a book or solving a crossword.

* Our subconscious mind is much more powerful than us.As confirmed by the tests - the first impression of what he saw or heard brings the most accurate information.When we start to analyze what happened with the help of the brain, they often come to the wrong conclusions.

* The brain is easier to understand speech of men than women.Female voices - more music and sound at higher frequencies.Their range is wider with men.Human brain have to "decode" the meaning of the woman, using his additional resources.By the way, people suffering from auditory hallucinations, often hear a man's voice.

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