12 August

Cottagers note.How to protect your back

lodge for many not just a place for the cultivation of the crop, but rather a vacation from city life, from the stress, worries.Dachevladeltsy looking forward to the weekend to get out of the stuffy city and rest in the pleasure to delve on gryadkah.No in everyday life, we are less and less exercise: sedentary work, the use of transport in the Droege to work and back, and do themselves and their healthusually not enough time.

As a result of such a life, appear low back pain, spinal curvature.

And the long-awaited trip to the country.But after the first day of work in the beds back so tired that even hard to straighten the second day.So sorry for the lost time and the inability to obtain the full benefit of the rest.And again Monday sedentary work, and it all starts over again.

most at risk when exposed to prolonged sedentary work especially cervical and thoracic spine - that they bear the main burden.Muscles of the back and neck and back head support upright overvoltage test, and the blood flow there

in under static load, on the contrary, reduced.

Worse still, tense muscles squeeze the nerves exiting the spinal cord, disrupting the nerve impulse conduction.As a consequence, after a while begin to flow or numb hands, neck, back.If no action is taken, the low back pain and other spinal diseases do not wait long.

When working at their summer cottage spine receives a huge load - in fact we spend a lot of time in the half-bent position.Then fatigue and back pain are inevitable.To make your life easier, it is sufficient to prepare in advance by performing a set of simple exercises, the more so for the spine exercises you can do without getting up from his chair and not putting any more effort.The main rule - all the exercises must be carried out smoothly at a slow pace, without jerks and sudden movements.

overall set of exercises

These exercises are desirable to carry out at least twice a day, repeating each exercise for 10-20 times.

- head sways like a pendulum, first clockwise, then against.At the same time try to keep the tip of the nose fixed.Repeat the same to lowered and his head held high.

- Slowly turn your head to the left as far as possible.After reaching the limit, tilt the head back, feeling the stretching of the neck muscles on the opposite side.Return to the starting position and repeat to the other side.

- Put your head down and try to be like a "wipe" the chin on the chest.Zaprokinte head back, and take a couple of rotational movements.

- Put your elbows on the table and join hands in the castle.Put your hands on the chin and tilt the head to the left.After reaching the limit, add two or three nod in the direction of head movement.Repeat to the other side.

- Straighten your spine, hands, leave on the table.Pull your shoulders back, as much as possible by reducing the blade, and hold in this position for about a second or more.

- Put your hands down and relax them.Raise your shoulders as high as possible, feeling the tension in the trapezius muscle.

- Straighten your back, put his hands on the table.Arch the back to the left side, then to the right, top of the head at the same time must be stationary.Movement of the spine at the same time reminiscent of the movement pulls the strings.

set of exercises for the cervical spine

- surfaced movement chin and neck.Repeat 6 times.

- left before the barrier sensation Turn your head, inhale, exhale make six short and rapid runs to the left and back, with a maximum turn after exhalation take a short nod his head up.Too right.

- lean to the left before the barrier, feeling his head, inhale, exhale to make six short and quick jerks "ear to shoulder."The same right.

- Install crossed his hands behind his neck between the neck and shoulder girdle.Zaprokinte head back and, without changing the position of the head, "push" hands neck forward slowly while inhaling and "hold" on the exhale (the head is thrown back) until you feel a rush of blood to the head.Repeat 6 times.

- Imagine that someone slowly pulls you over invisible thread attached to the top of the head, neck and pull up (with the muscles should be relaxed as much as possible).When it comes to the coccyx stretching feeling, imagine that you are pulled forward by the chin and pull the neck forward (shoulder girdle, however, remains fixed).

These simple exercises are very effective and I have to carry them out, you will always be able to find a few minutes, even at work.But then your work at the cottage will bring you only pleasure without any pain in the spine

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