4 September

Nontraditional methods of treatment .medicinal properties pearls

Of all the gems pearls - the most unique.If the vast majority of minerals produced in the bowels of the earth, the pearl - it is an organic substance that produce shellfish, trying to protect themselves from a foreign body that has entered into rakoviny.Zhemchug accompanied the development of human civilization since its inception.One of the first was produced pearls are 6 thousand years ago in China.That is why the name of the stone has Chinese roots - the word "pearl" comes from the combination of "Zhen-chu", which translated from the ancient Chinese means "fallen from heaven."Pearl is known for over 6000 years, it is very highly regarded in ancient Egypt, China, India.

Since time immemorial, there are many legends about pearls.So, some people believed that pearls - is frozen dew that had tears of the goddess of love.

In the states of Mesopotamia and Egypt was considered the epitome of pearl moon.No wonder the statue of the goddess of the moon - Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, and later Aphrodite and Venus a

re always decorated with pearls.In China, pearls served as an amulet against inflammation, besides, people believed in the connection with the appearance of the gems of the owner of health.In the Roman Empire it was considered pearls a symbol of power and wisdom, and for women - a stone of happiness and sweet dreams.The Indians used the pearl as a talisman.In medieval Spain, pearls put into wine, fed the guest of honor, to show the purity of his intentions.If the wine has not been spoiled, the pearl is not measurable Nyala no freshness, no wet shine.If the wine turned sour, the jewel becomes rough and dull.

numerous healing properties of pearls are generally recognized.It relieves fever, treats inflammation, acute hepatitis.It also helps in epilepsy, fractures and bone diseases, feverish conditions, infectious diseases, diabetes, sepsis, eczema, asthma, diseases of the uterus.Pearl treats liver disease, kidney, bladder and urinary tract, and promotes discharge of resorption of kidney stones help in the treatment of diabetes, cure melancholy.It is useful, and the tendency to allergic reactions.Pearls have always been used as the primary remedy for all sorts of depression and melancholy.And Indian healer Narahari in the XIII century successfully treated pearls and even crazy entangled demon!Pearls protect women from the negative energy, help to improve skin color.Men this stone calms down, tunes in a positive way and protects against stomach pains so.the pearls method exists clairvoyance and protects against the evil eye.Pearls - a mineral fanatically self-confident people.It gives them the ability to think objectively, do not make rash acts, protects from the revaluation of its forces.This gem brings fidelity in love and strengthens the house.But if a man goes the wrong way, pearl dark.This health and happiness stone, the symbol of perfection, purity, high qualities, which promotes longevity and prosperity.

a long time, people did not understand why even the most magnificent gems after a while lose their luster and beautiful, as they say, die.This is due to the fact that under the influence of air and moisture thin layers of calcium carbonate weathered and change their structure.Therefore it is recommended to protect the pearls from drying out, most wearing and sometimes washed in warm soapy water.

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