12 August

Computer and vision .How to create comfort for the eyes

Perhaps some of you are engaged in the business accounts during the day long stare at the computer screen to find the desired information.And for years, this hard work can develop typical of our contemporaries occupational disease: eye fatigue as a result of work on kompyutere.V recently faced a problem of very serious for those who are forced to spend a lot of time on the computer.The fact is that when working on the computer users rarely blink, and this leads to dryness and cramps in her eyes.In addition, the computer makes us sharper focus the mind, and it leads to headaches, dizziness, occurrence of haze effect in the eyes, the duality of the image.

Get rid of eye strain is to install the correct distance between the eye and the screen of the computer.In addition, there are many other solutions.

Select the optimum distance for yourself .The distance from the eyes to the computer screen each person is strictly individual.Someone is enough 40 cm, while someone and 60 is not enough.Experiment for yo

urself by choosing to make such a distance, so you can clearly see the screen without straining your neck while.

Illumination premises.Completely turning off the lights in the room, you will create additional stress for the eyes.It is better to slightly dampen the brightness of the lamp to avoid glare on the screen.

Follow the rule 30-30 .To avoid dryness in the eyes, start a 30-second pause after every 30 minutes of work on the computer.During this pause, do the following exercise: Hold your head up, roll your eyes around the room for a few seconds.Then, holding his gaze on one point, rotate the head.And finally fixed his eyes as far as possible - in the corridor or the window - and let your eyes relax.

Increase humidity.Put in a room humidifier or a large potted plant to increase humidity.This will help prevent dry eyes and compensates nictitans movements.

Drink at 5-6 glasses of water.This will not only provide additional lubrication to your eyes, but also to make more often absent in the toilet, thereby reducing the residence time at the computer.

Remove any light glare on the computer screen .Change the angle of rotation of the screen or the lighting in the room, or Draw curtains of the window, or you can install a special light filter on the computer screen.

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