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Medical banks .When medical help banks ?( Medical Encyclopedia )

Medical cans used in inflammatory processes in the organs of the chest (bronchitis, pneumonia), intercostal neuralgia, radiculitis, myositis.Banks generally put on the back, the lower back and the front right side of the chest kletku.Nelzya put banks in the region of the heart, blades, breasts, into areas of damaged skin.

banks used for the local tide of blood and lymph from the deep-tissue to the skin, as well as to change the movement of the body of bad juices.This small vessels overflowing with blood, burst and formed a hematoma, which was later resolved.It is irritating and distracting effect.By the banks of the heated body can draw blood or to return it to a natural place from which he moved, such as a hernia.

Banks are recommended to be put in the middle or at the end of the lunar month, better than during the second and third hour after sunrise.It is undesirable to do so after a bath, hemophilia and anemia.In this case, after a visit to the bath, they need to 1:00 rest and only then put the ban


How to put the banks?
skin before the procedure to mitigate and better fit jars wipe and lubricate with petroleum jelly or cream.Banks before use to wash and wipe dry.At the end of sticks or needles reel piece of cotton wool and carefully secure it.Bank to hold with one hand down the hole next to the skin surface, and the other hand for a moment, to enter into a jar liter swab moistened with alcohol, being careful not to touch the edges so as not to burn the patient.

took from the banks the burning pad, immediately press it firmly to the skin of the entire circumference.Burning tampon creates a vacuum inside the can, so that the bank sticks to the skin and is retained therein atmospheric pressure while sucking the skin within a circle inside the cans.Covering a towel, banks leave on the skin for 5-15 minutes.The patient thus has to lie still.

To remove the jar, to reject it with one hand and gently press on the skin at the edge of the banks with the other hand, giving access to the air, after which the bank will fall behind immediately.If the bank is difficult to remove, we must take a cloth or sponge soaked almost hot water, and steam pre place around the cans.

For what and for whom need banks?

# Children may put banks, starting with the second year of life.After 60 years, the banks should not use.

# If excruciating pain in the abdomen and uterus, occurring during menstruation, especially among girls, the banks put on the navel.

# When sciatica banks put on the outside of the thigh.

# Banks on the inside of the thighs help with pain in the hips and heels, hemorrhoids, hernia and gout.

# oversight of banks to the anus diverts blood from the entire body and head, it is useful to heal the intestines and in the disorder of the menstrual cycle.

# Banks occipital cavity to help with the feeling of heaviness in the eyebrows and eyelids, as well as benefit when itchy eyes and poor smell from.mouth.

# Banks between the blades reduces pain in the shoulder and the head.

# Banks at one of the jugular veins with help shake of the head and pain in the face, ears, eyes, throat, or nose.

# Banks, the oversight of the calves feet, purify the blood and strengthen the menstrual period.

# Banks on the ledge of a nape and crown are useful in psychiatric disorders and dizziness, but put them on this site can only rarely and briefly.

# Banks under the chin are useful for the teeth, face and throat - This procedure clears the head and jaw.

# Banks at the front thighs help with testicular tumors and abscesses on the thighs and legs, and back - for tumors and abscesses on the buttocks.

# Banks under the knee relieve shooting pains in the knee.

# Banks on the heels of help at a delay of menstruation, sciatica and gout.

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