12 August

If you have sensitive teeth (this is useful to know )

you have sensitive teeth, and even a breath of cold air hurts.Not to mention the ice cream or a cold juice.Why it happens?And what to do in such a case would be right to say that no sensitive teeth and dentin - a substance constituting the main mass of the tooth.There are many kanalchikov, which are the nerve endings.When tooth enamel is erased kanalchiki opened and nerve receptors begin to react badly to all sorts of stimuli.

What should I do?

1. Sensitive teeth should be cleaned with a soft brush (it says soft).And the movement should not be the usual horizontal "back and forth and back" and soft circular - outside of the dentition and chewing surfaces, and the movements of the "up-down" from the inside.

3. Choose a special toothpaste, which have Sensitive or Sensodine inscription.

When to see a dentist?

In case of serious dental disease.Treatment of periodontitis, for example, has been a specialist - doctor periodontist: it cleans the tooth "pockets", removes excess tissue, removes tartar, e


Hypersensitivity often appears after a professional teeth whitening or dental hygienist visits: it seems that the teeth "were bare," although the way it should be - without this no treatment or prevention of a possible aesthetics.

And from the age of gums changes will save only one: surgery.

Remember rules.

Brushing your teeth should be at least three times a day: before and after breakfast and before bedtime.

use the following high-quality toothpaste that contains fluoride, and in diseases of the gums - pastes with the addition of herbs.If you smoke, drink plenty of strong tea and coffee, without a whitening toothpaste in the morning do not -Choose one where Whitening inscription.But then in the evening it is necessary to clean the teeth Sensitive toothpaste.

Every evening it is necessary to clean the spaces between teeth soaked in a special wax thread - floss.It is only at first glance it seems that after brushing your teeth clean - with the help of the thread you remove a lot of things - thin fibers of meat, vegetables, bread, etc.

In the middle of the day after a meal should rinse your mouth with a special liquid to rinse that protects against bacteria and prevents plaque.

Every six months it is necessary to visit a hygienist to remove tartar and check whether caries was formed.

gums may hurt and bleed for various reasons: due to the fact that you are properly brush your teeth, and bacteria cause inflammation due to tartar.

The mucous may hurt badly fitting crowns and bridges.Sometimes the reason is that the crown is in the bridge rastsementirovalas

she goes back and forth, and decomposed food gets under it, and eventually becomes inflamed gums.

Oral cavity - a mirror of our bodies.Therefore gums may bleed when stomach acidity, changes in hormonal system (before menstruation or during pregnancy), as well as in diabetes.

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