12 August

Healing smile

The benefits of laughter people knew already in ancient times.

• In the Bible you can read: "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries up the bones."

• Aristotle called laughter to cure diseases.

• Confucius spoke: "To complain about the trouble - double the evil laugh at him - to destroy it."

• And Democritus laugh highly valued, as is evident from his words. "Laughter - the privilege of gods and men"

• Great Prince Vladimir Monomakh taught: "The trouble for mortals - the immutability, and laugh, if there is a small possibility".

• Gurgani poet wrote: "While you were in power, whether the whole Earth pleased.Days of joy your way here on earth, will be extended. "

• Medieval English physician Siddengen said: "The arrival of clown in town means for the health of its citizens more than a caravan with drugs mules".And his contemporary and colleague Tiso treating scrofulous children tickling.

• The philosopher Immanuel Kant said: "Laughter gives health by activating all the

vital processes."

• Freud believed joke effective remedy.

It is no coincidence royal personages have always had with you buffoons that could mot fun to cheer up and to preserve the nerves.

proved that laughter is a very effective drug.Biochemical "storm" that occurs in the body during laughter or laughter, fatigue, clears the upper respiratory tract and improves the circulation of blood.Laughter develops lungs and is very useful for people suffering from asthma or bronchitis.And when the endocrine glands produce this substance, relieves headaches.In addition, laughter - a great exercises for the bowel.It has a beneficial effect on all systems of the body, boosts immunity, gives strength, vitality and prolongs life.

During laughter in motion for 80 different muscle, which supply oxygen to the brain, resulting in a clearer, we think.In this case the body secretes a lot of antibodies, and they protect us from bacteria and viruses.During laughter produce more white blood cells fighting against various diseases, including cancer.So doctors have long been included in the arsenal of laughter therapeutic agents.

At one time, the American N. Cousins ​​amazed doctors that saved themselves with laughter from progressive paralysis that physicians have recognized incurable.Every day he watched comedy, read comic books.An American named laughter internal jogging on the spot.Later, he organized a department of study and treat them with laughter.Today, in the US the number of smehoterapetov approaching a thousand.

Noticed that all centenarians have a developed sense of humor, love to party, are able to remain optimistic.One of them, an Iranian, to the question, what is the secret of his long life, and said: "I have a cheerful disposition."Remember that merry optimists live longer.And as a fun way!

During the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the nation with these words: "We, the Americans - a great nation, and we ought to learn to smile."Then the measures were adopted to shoot more comedies, it came out more humorous books.After all, when a person laughs, even without cause, through the force of his brain begins to produce a substance that elevates mood.According to psychologist Paul Ekman, laughter releases the happy hormones.If the trouble and unhappiness is not a laughing matter, it is also true the opposite - laughing can not be unhappy.There is reason to assume that in the 30s of the Americans went out of their protracted crisis with the help of a smile.

Some of us have to get rid of the bad habit of walking severe, permanent frown, as if we had fallen all imaginable and unimaginable misery and unhappiness.

If someone believes that the thing is that we live badly, let them remember the country, where residents are not better or worse, but they are having fun, singing, dancing (as, for example, in the carnivals in Brazil, Argentina).The point in attitudes.

laughter - this is, by the way, and effective (free) cosmetic.Laughing man younger.And since laughter tones the facial muscles that normally work rarely, and increases blood circulation, thanks to his skin gets extra food.It appears faint blush that adorns the face.

Laughter can be useful to combat obesity.Titter for 15 minutes a day burns over 2 kg of fat per year, the researchers found.The amount of energy it takes to laugh while watching a comedy, almost comparable to the amount of energy required to kilometer walk.

need laughter and healthy people - as a preventive, restorative remedy.It improves mood.Let's live a fun, smile more, laugh and laugh, and then we will live forever!This is a joke, in which a lot of truth!Do not believe me?Check!

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