12 August

Nontraditional methods of treatment .Homeopathy (it is useful to know )

Homeopathy is the most common form of alternative medicine in the Western world.But can we trust homeopathy?What are the real effects on the body?What are the differences and advantages over conventional medicine In 1796 Semyuzl Hanmen came to revolutionary inference is, the field of medicine: to treat disease like her.That this is the basic principle of homeopathy is a science, literally means "like» (homeo) «illness» (pathie).

The theory is simple: a drug that can cause a healthy person symptoms of the disease, can in large proportions in the reconstituted able to cure those same symptoms in a patient.It acts the principle of similarity, for example, if the child can not sleep because of the excitement, it is assigned the drug based on a plant, which has approximately the same properties as the coffee.

avoid complication of the disease the dose of the therapeutic agent must be sufficiently low.Hence the second principle of homeopathy - dilution.The basic substance is diluted in a large volume of liq

uid, then the solution was diluted again and again.

And the last is perhaps the most important principle of homeopathy is the integrity.Unlike traditional medicine, homeopath doctor examines a patient in its entirety, rather than individual symptoms cures.Therefore it is extremely rare for patients with exactly the same symptoms is assigned the same treatment.

effect of homeopathic remedies are not always immediately evident.Sometimes you need to wait a few weeks before it will be possible to judge the result.As a positive consequence of the action of drugs - no side effects.

This gentle medicine is particularly indicated for many chronic and acute diseases, such as asthma, eczema, allergies.Runny nose, sinusitis, colds as well to homeopathic treatment.Small pellets will help get rid of the painful mental states (sadness, depression, insomnia ...).In other words, homeopathy is able to deal with functional pathologies, ie healthy body eliminates from its temporary "failure".

Many homeopaths recognize that they can not cure cancer or acute peritonitis.In the case of serious illness they direct the patient to a specialist.

But even if homeopathy does not eliminate the fracture or tumor, it makes it easier to endure the pain and recover faster after the disease.The advantage of homeopathy - is the lack of side effects, unlike most traditional medicines.

Homeopathy can also be used as preventive measures, such as strengthening the immune system.Athletes can apply adequate homeopathic drugs to prepare for the competition, to deal with stress and to optimize the work of all body systems.Moreover, homeopathic remedies will never admit doping.The effectiveness of homeopathy

still not been scientifically proven.Research is being conducted in many centers and laboratories, but the official results scientifically substantiate and prove the effectiveness of homeopathy, there is still no.

however undeniable that homeopathy does help, it is impossible.In any case, homeopathy is completely harmless and does not harm our health.The worst thing that can happen as a result of receiving homeopathic remedies - is the absence of the desired effect.

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