12 August

Chinese diagnostics ears ( it is useful to know )

Chinese experts believe that all diseases are caused by changes in different parts of the ears.And that is why on the ears can correctly read the information on the state of the ears zdorovya.Opredelit state of the organism and can be on their own.For this we need only look closely at his reflection in the mirror.Signs of good health, or of various diseases are determined depending on the shape and size of the ears.

For example, large ears a harmonious shape, the same or almost the same on both sides - it's a good heredity, the harmonious functioning of all organs and systems.

A too small ears often indicate low reserve capacity of the organism, lowered immunity.

If the ears are markedly different in size and shape, it speaks about the physical and mental disharmony in the body.For example, a disproportionately large ears are observed at various mental disorders, including mental retardation and Down syndrome.

According to experts, flat pinna suggests congenital renal hypoplasia or functional impair

ment.Conversely, the more convex relief shape and has an ear, the larger the size of the kidneys and higher degree of activity.

If the earlobe in the proportional size of the human and natural color, it means high reserve capacity of the organism, a good immune system.The stretched earlobe sharp or square shape also suggests a large supply of the internal forces and the reserves of the body, physical strength.

But if you have large ears with long lobes and thickened, you can be congratulated.This indicates excellent health, absence of congenital and acquired diseases, high life expectancy.This form of the ears 85 percent dolgozhiteleyKakaya the earlobe can talk about health failures?

• Too much lobe inharmonious forms, inhomogeneous density - the total depletion of the body, a genetic predisposition to cancer.

• Very small - congenital form of mental disability.

• Thick, soft, "Pillow" - reduced mental activity, a predisposition to obesity.

• Thin, sometimes hardened - the total depletion of the body.

• Multiple folds, wrinkles on mochke- diabetes, atherosclerosis, predisposition to strokes and heart attacks, cancer.

• Clear transverse crease on the lobe indicates coronary heart disease.

If the body that something is wrong, ears immediately react to it.In diseases of the internal organs often have noticeable changes in certain areas of the ear: bumps, scars, stripes, spots.For example, in patients with peptic ulcer in the ear lobe appears that after resection of the stomach turns into a crescent scar, consisting of white and red stripes.

appearance of clear red spots on the ears indicates violations in the work of the internal organs, and pale spots with clear contours - a chronic processes in the body.Total pale and lowered ears mean temperature of the dysfunction of the autonomic system, a tendency to hypotension, decreased brain activity.Also in various diseases is increased or decreased pain sensitivity in different areas of the ear.

Oriental Medicine Representatives to change the type of the various zones of the ear may significantly determine not only the disease itself, but also its severity.No specialist is, of course, is not available.However, knowledge of the basics of this diagnosis is sufficient to detect at the propensity to certain diseases and in time, seek medical attention.

Look at the color of the ears.

• Redness, a sharp rush of blood to the ears, raising their temperature - dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, susceptibility to hypertension, neuroses, stress.

• Brown and dark red spots on the ears and around the ears - disease small and large intestines, the imbalance of minerals in the body.

• Dark, red and blue ear - disease of the liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract.

• cyanotic - heart failure, diseases of bronchopulmonary system.

• Shiny skin tone ears - general exhaustion, atony bowel.

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