12 August

Homeopathy.poison Healing

Recently homeopathic treatments steadily gaining much popularity in many countries.Homeopathy has proven that everything that exists in nature, can be used for their own benefit, and with a reasonable scientific applications healing can become even Arsenic, the poison of the cobra, and all well-known nicotine.

founder of homeopathy - a German physician and scientist Samuel Hahnemann, discovered an unconventional way to while the impact on the disease.The essence of the new method lies in the treatment of substances, which in large quantities provoke symptoms similar to the symptoms of a particular disease, but not those that are "driven" the disease inside the body.E. If the use of the bow causes a runny nose and watery, and the coffee leads to heart palpitations, insomnia, increases blood pressure, the homeopathic remedy successfully eliminates not only the above symptoms, but also the reasons why they were called.

Homeopathy is a universal means of improving health for kids, and for adults who need

affordable and quality treatment.It has been used successfully in the treatment of respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, and other common diseases of the 21st century.Effectiveness of homeopathy and in disorders of the nervous system.Unbelievable but true: homeopathic remedies in the form of tiny white peas are able to change the appearance, character and human well-being beyond recognition.

most important thing - to choose the right drug, because it is very relevant in homeopathy is the principle: treat not a disease, and the patient.Therefore, in addition to a number of the patient's symptoms, a homeopath also takes into account other factors, such as the constitutional features of a person, his reaction to external factors and more.And if at the reception of the homeopath will ask you about what kind of food do you prefer, both tolerate heat or cold and how to respond to the ill-mannered person, you should not be surprised by this: it helps the doctor to choose the drug that is suitable for you.

Of course, there are also homeopathic remedies that will suit everyone, but today is not so much.

Doctors recommend while taking medicines to limit itself in the use of alcoholic beverages, fatty and spicy foods.The diet should be fruits and vegetables dominate.

Belladonna drug , which is popularly known as the devil's cherries, can cause a man or bouts of sleepiness or agitation.Paracelsus believed that belladonna can cause insanity.In homeopathy preparations of belladonna is used as a sedative antispasmodic, analgesic.They successfully treat insomnia, gastrointestinal disease, enuresis, renal colic, bleeding, allergic dermatitis, and more.

Nettle cause burns on the body of a person, but as a homeopathic remedy is able to cure pneumonia, bleeding, lishaynyh rash, gastrointestinal disorders, it is also used for hair loss and gynecological diseases.

Arnica in large quantities can cause nausea, shortness of breath, negative changes in heart activity, can cause allergic skin and other organs.What homeopathic remedy treat traumatic disease that can occur as a result of the fall, at the birth of the child, dental fillings, physical exhaustion or poisoning.In addition, arnica is used in stroke treatment, typhus, and even epilepsy.

Aconite - in the Himalayas from this plant was prepared poison for arrows.In the ancient world used for the execution of prisoners.Dioscorides wrote that aconite can kill even a scorpion.In homeopathy, this plant has been used successfully for the treatment of cardiac crises, infectious diseases, laryngo and bronchospasm, angina.

Amanita in ancient times shamans used during ritual ceremonies: it caused agitation, inappropriate cheerfulness, a surge of physical and mental strength to complete loss of consciousness.In homeopathy is used to treat ticks, hypertension, neurosis, allergies, arthritis and alcoholism.Paracelsus believed mushroom prophylactic against tuberculosis and diabetes.

Indian cobra venom in ancient times was used for the execution of the death sentence.This poison has expressed neurotoxic effects.If poisoning death occurs from paralysis of the respiratory center.In the past, snake venom treated leprosy and epilepsy.Today it is used as a remedy for diphtheria, endocarditis, heart disease and angina.

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