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Sinusitis .Traditional methods of treatment of sinusitis .Diet for sinusitis

Sinusitis Sinusitis - inflammation of the mucous membranes, and sometimes the bone wall of the maxillary (maxillary) sinuses.

Causes of sinusitis.Sinusitis is often accompanied by common colds, flu and other infections.Infetsiruyuschie micro-robes, falling into the maxillary sinuses are located on both sides of the nasal septum, causing their inflammation.

manifestations of sinusitis - a pain in the affected area (one or both), sinuses, "stuffy" nose on one or both sides, mucous or purulent nasal discharge, headache, feeling of pressure in the head and eyes.

Traditional methods of treatment of sinusitis

• When sinusitis skin over the fire of inflammation grate garlic, then rub a mixture of birch charcoal with burdock root juice of felt for 20-30 minutes.It is recommended to carry out 2-3 procedures.

• hard-boiled eggs, hot applied to the maxillary sinus, and keep up to complete their cool.

• Boil water in a pan, add back 0.5 teaspoons 30% propolis tincture alcohol.Get some steam over this pan,

covered with a large towel itself.

• Mix in equal parts by volume of aloe juice, celandine herbs and honey.Bury 3-5 times a day for 5-10 drops in each nostril.

• Washed brown root of black radish rub on a small grater, 1 to 2 tablespoons of slurry wrap in a piece of cloth and put it on the sore spot, after brushing it with vegetable oil and baby cream.Top cover with parchment and Wrap scarf.This compresses do before going to sleep for 10 minutes at an inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.

• 1-2 drops of honey to enter the cell to one, then the other nostril every 3-4 hours.Treatment is carried out until you feel relief.

• In the morning or in the evening to lie down on the pillow and his head thrown back, instilled into each nostril 5-7 drops of melted butter.Then be sure to lie down for about 5-7 minutes.

• Acute and chronic sinusitis instilled into the nose 6-8 times a day or Dog rose sea buckthorn oil.

• Mix plants in the following proportions: St. John's wort vulgaris, Salvia officinalis, Lavender Kolosov, Eucalyptus globulus, chamomile - 2 tablespoons

Yarrow, a series of tripartite - 1 tablespoon.At 2 liters of boiling water to take 3 tablespoons spoon collection.Take 100 ml of 6 times a day.In the evening do inhalations 4-6 times every hour.

• To get rid of a headache that occurs as a result of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, use fresh juice of a cyclamen.The patient should lie on his back and in both nostrils drip 2 drops of juice.The reaction occurs within 5 minutes: the patient starts sneezing, coughing, feeling at the same time a high fever in the body to sweat.Then during the day from the nose stands out thick yellow-green pus, which was the cause of a severe headache.The patient begins a long sound sleep, after which the disease begins to recede.

• When the sinus part kettle boil water, put it in 1 tablespoon of honey, cover with a large towel and breathe one or the other nostril.Spend 9 procedures.

• Squeeze the juice from Aloe vera - 2 tablespoons, Kalanchoe pinnate, mountaineer and viviparous onion - 1 tablespoon.Mix and drip into the nose.Dripping in the left nostril, turn your head to the left for 30 minutes and then drip into the right nostril and turn head to the right on 30 minutes.After this warm sinus blue lamp or just before the electric and go to bed.

• 200 g grated spruce turpentine, 1 onion, 15 g of copper sulfate and 50 grams of olive oil to mix and bring to a boil, cool.The resulting ointment to lubricate the nasal mucosa.Ointment has razofevayuschim property, so it can also be used for the treatment of bruises, abscesses and bone fractures.

Diet for sinus .In the acute stage of the disease, if a fever, it is better to give up solid foods and drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juices.Useful carrot juice or a mixture of beet juice and cucumber juice or spinach.Cocktail take 100 mL of cucumber juice or beet and spinach juice 200 ml, and mixed with 300 ml carrot juice.After

juice gradually move to a balanced diet, but avoid eating fried foods, foods containing starch, white sugar, cakes, pastries, white bread, rice, pasta.Enter in your daily diet of garlic and onions.

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