12 August

Down with fatigue !How to deal with chronic fatigue

If you constantly exhausted, try to rebuild their lives and find a first unknown sources of energy.Learn to be recharged quickly and easily.

Proper nutrition .
Perhaps the reason for your weakness - in the wrong diet.After all, winter and spring we usually eat too much meat, sausages and canned and rarely pamper yourself with vegetables and fruit.

In order to have enough energy for the whole day, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins must be ingested in certain proportions.Adherence to them is very simple: divide the plate into three parts, and one of them fill the brightly colored fruits and vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, red peppers, fruit salad, strawberries).The two remaining parts are designed for lean protein foods (chicken, cottage cheese, tofu, fish), and whole grains (bread, brown rice, oatmeal, bran).Do not forget to add to the abundance of one tablespoon of olive oil or flaxseed oil.

fiber in grains, fruits and vegetables provide a uniform supply of energy

of the body.Fruits and vegetables provide us with the necessary vitamins and minerals, protein nourishes and fatty acids in flaxseed oil and fish of the northern seas, activate the brain.These products work together and give us courage.

Avoid large amounts of sugar, foods with artificial colors and fast food convenience foods.Remember that excessively high carbohydrate and fatty meals cause lethargy and drowsiness.

Eat more foods high in tryptophan.This amino acid helps produce serotonin (the hormone of pleasure), it is contained primarily in milk and cottage cheese, red caviar, red fish and red meat.

Avoid overeating , negative impact on the cardiovascular system.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is important in the presence of a sufficient amount of food "good" cholesterol, needed for the synthesis of hormones.Those who observe very strict diet beskholesterinovuyu, are most susceptible to stress and aggressive behavior.

If you are slow, braked hard for you to give a solution and brings the memory, then most likely, the reason lies in the deficiency of B vitamins Include in your breakfast of rich foods, such as whole-grain bread - and you will immediately notice an improvement.These vitamins normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, and thus the energy supply of the brain, activates nerve impulses and allow you to remain calm and collected during the day, do not be nervous over nothing, to think quickly and make about the same time a number of cases.Especially important to improve brain function Vitamin B6 and B12 necessary for hematopoiesis.

Mass forces robbed and hazards environment - cigarette smoke, air pollution, accumulated toxins and wastes.Add to your menu natural sources of antioxidants - beta-carotene, vitamins C and E and zinc, selenium and polyphenols.There are many in the fresh herbs, seafood, nuts.To combat fatigue, and you need magnesium, it increases resistance to stress.So do not forget about dried apricots and asparagus.

sedentary life deprives us of necessary energy.Even if you work in moderation, getting enough sleep is normal, but a little move, then it is enough to weaken the spring.Suffice it to 10 minutes a day to pedal the bike to feel much more energetic and less tired at work.If you are a "lark", dedicate 15 minutes of charging time of the morning, and then you will be much easier to maintain a good mood throughout the day.Those who are more comfortable to engage in the evening, can choose for themselves any type of physical activity - cycling, hiking, dancing, jump rope, roller-skates.Enroll in a pool, buy running shoes and head despite the fatigue.

More liquid.
Dehydration can also lead to fatigue and reduced concentration.Drink during the day at least 6 glasses of fluid.Better if it will be mineral water and herbal teas.Sweet energy drinks are not added - they sharply raise blood sugar levels, then it drops and you feel physical exhaustion.Discard the afternoon coffee and strong tea - caffeine can disturb sleep and affect your well-being tomorrow.

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