5 September

Ways to strengthen the immune system

Eat plenty of foods with a high content of the following components.

Beta-carotene.It is found in dark green, yellow and orange vegetables.

Vitamin C. Its many in the green sweet peppers, broccoli, cabbage, kale, citrus fruits, the fruit of wild rose.

Vitamin E is found in cereals and vegetables, especially a lot of nuts, seeds, brown rice, wheat bread, sweet potatoes and beans.

To give your body enough minerals, make the following products are part of their diet: cereals - wheat, brown rice, corn, barley, millet, oats and buckwheat, green leafy vegetables, legumes and soy products, fish, shellfish and other seafood, seaweed (recommended 1-2 tablespoons seaweed 3 times a week).

Limit the amount of fat in the diet.Red meat, chicken or fish prefer.

Avoid foods with a high content of cholesterol: the liver, brains, bacon, eggs (although it is not forbidden to include in the menu one egg per day).

basis of the menu should be plant foods, especially cereals, fresh vegetables, herbs and legumes.Eat ple

nty of fibrous foods.In the intestine, it absorbs fat and stimulates the removal of it from the body.Foods rich in fiber are very useful, because it does not digest fiber is involved in the formation of stools, to increase their number.People with chronic constipation should take in more food products with a coarse fiber.

Daily drink at least one cup of good brewed black or green tea.

At least 4 times a week, undertake long walks, it is desirable in the green, away from the roads.Regularly engaged in active sports.

relieves stress.Most successfully relieve stress relaxation sessions (meditation), attending worship services, prayer, a warm bath (15 minutes daily), slow and deep breathing (diaphragmatic breathing), positive thinking, not jogging speed.
talk to themselves - it is very conducive to introspection.Start a blog, try to focus on the descriptions of their impressions, experiences - all on the emotional state.Avoid overstimulation, learn to tame his anger.Distract yourself, in particular, on the cause of this anger.

interesting fact that the immune system was normal, it is necessary to resort to such a simple means as intelligent load.The fact is that when we focus on interesting thoughts, our body begins to produce special adjuvants - neyroimmunomediatory.even the wonder drug immunity will not help without these substances.So read clever books, solve philosophical problems, argue the high topics, learn languages ​​and so on. D. Do not go away from life's problems, because they are more complex than the more interesting (and useful!) To solve them.

Learn how to overcome life's challenges positively - with optimism and joy.After all, it turns out to be a necessary condition to improve their own immunity and get rid of many diseases.

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