5 September

The healing properties of chrysotile ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

Peridot - Diamond in the satellite fields.He has a very high refractive index and a bright shine.Beautiful, faceted Peridot is one of the jewels of the Russian crown.Chrysolites decorated with golden salary famous icons by Andrei Rublev "Trinity", located in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.Peridot was very popular in the Middle Ages.Knights Crusaders brought from trips excellent products with this stone, which gave her lover.Since then, a beryl gained fame as "ladies 'stone', designed to protect the fair sex from unreasonable actions.

beryl also associated with love and peace in the family.It promotes friendship and eliminates envy.If the stone is worn on the left hand, then his owner was protected from bad evil eye.Peridot strengthens the forces allows to reveal complicated cases, brings victory in the courts, keeps from fire and theft.

Also common to all the properties of gemstones charged with positive energy and give it to the man, beryl has many unique qualities.This stone astrologers and soothsayers H

e gives the gift of predicting the future, opens up before man recesses of esoteric knowledge.Set in gold, beryl strengthens spiritual strength and develops intuition.He creates in men the passion and cure impotence, night terrors assigns and promotes good sleep, eliminates stuttering.

Peridot is considered a talisman unlucky, because it can help even when on the road found anything that you can think of to fail in business or even a lifetime.

healing properties of chrysotile .

Peridot is very good for colds (flu, SARS), eye diseases and spine.As a doctor, he cures insomnia, gastrointestinal tract, effective in leprosy, liver disease, relieves irritation.Rays chrysotile heal sight, it normalizes heart function and blood pressure.Peridot, presented to happiness, lives longer simply bought in store and protects the wearer from gout, glaucoma and large financial losses, and according to some reports, the beryl even easier severe morning hangover.

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