12 August

Kidney stones and gall bladder .Where did they come from?

with the process and causes the formation of kidney stones and gall bladder usually involves a lot of questions.Among them - the following.Do we know the science of the exact causes of the formation of gallstones, kidney and so on. D.?Is there a sure way to prevent this problem?Is it true that gall and kidney disease causes overeating?

Kidney stones and gall bladder are formed in the human body as a result of the features of metabolism, which are incorporated in the genetic material (genes).In the process of stone formation is also influenced by environment and lifestyle.Of great importance is the quality of water we drink.

Most often gallstones occur in women older than 40 years are overweight (including those prone to overeating), had many pregnancies.By the formation of stones in the gall bladder and predispose a sedentary lifestyle, fasting (including those carried out for therapeutic purposes), certain medications (eg, women's hormonal birth control pills).

However, gallstones are formed not onl

y in the presence of these precipitating factors, but also in the event of favorable conditions for it in the body.How does this happen?

Bile consists of bile acids, cholesterol and lecithin.When these components are in a strictly defined ratio, the bile is not "precipitates".However, this order is broken - and the first to begin the treacherous cholesterol to go from liquid to solid (crystalline).Crystallized cholesterol helps bile pigment - bilirubin.Unfortunately, the violation of cholesterol metabolism - an important health problem of modern physicians.It was his elevated blood causes atherosclerosis and often leads to heart attack and stroke.

stone formation also contribute to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract that break the flow of bile from the gallbladder into the digestive tract, as well as irregularities in the work of other bodies such as the parathyroid glands and the small intestine.

interesting fact.Scientists were surprised that in the gallbladder bear hunters never found stones.In the course of research specialists have recovered from the bear bile "UDCA" (UDC).Now, this substance is widely used as a means of dissolving gallstones are small (1.5-2 cm diameter).However, not all patients with gastrointestinal diseases manages to dissolve the stones using the UDC and medicinal plants.Sometimes, if there is an urgent situation or attacks of biliary colic are often repeated, it is necessary to remove the gallbladder.

As for kidney stones.Depending on the prevalence of salts that form renal calculi, stones recovered phosphate, oxalate, urate and others. To prevent their formation to help drugs and clinical nutrition.The general rule for all diets: Limit fatty, salty, fried foods, eliminate the foods that contain purine bases (tomatoes, currants, chocolate, etc.).There is recommended 4-6 times a day, in small portions.With frequent overeating certain foods increases the risk of kidney stones really.

Display small stones (grain of sand) from the kidneys also help some herbs.When the operation is severe pain, severe infections, blockage of the urinary tract and other complications."Good" and not very large kidney stones removed by ultrasound.

In addition, in order to prevent sudden renal colic need to undergo regular ultrasound of internal organs and to take the necessary tests.

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