5 September

How to give birth ?right of choice

Fashion exists on anything, even on what seemed to be the fashion trends can not be exposed to, for example, about how to give birth.

But I happened to read: "January 23 Australian Caroline Lovell, many years of fighting for the legalization of home births in the country, died giving birth to her second daughter at home, recently reported the publication Daily Mail.During delivery in 36-year-old Lowell had a heart attack.When the ambulance arrived caused by her husband, the woman was in critical condition.Lovell was rushed to the hospital, but it could not be saved.The child survived. ยป

And this information pushed me serious reflection.In the course of consideration, I made certain conclusions.I believe that birth at home - it is unnecessarily risky choice.Woman puts at risk not only their health, but also the life of the child, because the child, as well as giving birth, may require emergency medical assistance devices.She was giving birth at home, depriving crumbs chance to survive if suddenly gener

ations go "according to plan".After that, a woman called the language does not turn to her mother.Another thing

natural childbirth or Caesarean section.It is not so simple.Medicine has leaped forward, and times when the husbands were under the windows of a maternity hospital, have sunk into oblivion.It is now possible joint childbirth with her husband, the use of laughing gas and epidural anesthesia to relieve labor pains.

And even birth in water is no surprise.Nowadays, almost all maternity wards mothers try to make your stay most comfortable.For an extra fee you can purchase a family room and a set of additional services.They became popular labor contract and personal midwife.But despite these benefits, more and more there is talk about cesarean section on request.

Many sites and forums are women with serious debate about these two methods of delivery.Each of them has its supporters and opponents.More and more women are trying to negotiate with your doctor about the operation without reading.This is for a number of reasons: fear of pain, emotional unpreparedness, panic, lack of information, and more.Why women experiencing a range of feelings, force yourself to give birth?At birth background, hormonal surge situation may worsen - not uncommon postpartum depression.And then, without specialists, it may be difficult to manage.

my opinion that it is necessary to give women the right to choose the way in which they give birth.But only in the hospital and with the assistance of health professionals!Of course, you should talk about all kinds of risks of cesarean section, conduct interviews and try to persuade the woman in childbirth in favor of natural childbirth.But if all attempts have been unsuccessful, I think it is necessary to take a woman's choice, and do everything possible so that it did not regret his decision.

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