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In what diseases can be used paraffin?

This internal diseases - gastritis, peptic ulcer, adhesions in the abdominal cavity.
This skin disease, poorly healing wounds, injuries, consequences of burns, scars are formed when.
But the most important - of disease and damage to the musculoskeletal system, as well as radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia.

advantage of such thermal treatments that the wax warms deeply and slowly gives off heat.It improves blood circulation, and thus the portion of the power where it is applied.However, keep in mind that a deep heat, causing a strong flow of blood to the affected area, can enhance edema.So, before you start treatment, you need to remember the following rule: if you sprain, injury, trauma, within 2-3 days the heat is contraindicated.

Before starting the procedure (this will show the example of the knee joint) - wash the affected area thoroughly dry, dabbing with a soft cloth.If there are hairs - shave.But you can leave, if they are slightly simply lubricate the join

t with Vaseline.To avoid burns, the wax must be dehydrated.For this purpose, it must be heated to 100 ° C in a water bath for 15 minutes.

To do this, take two pots, large and small, one must be placed in another.First pour the water into the second place the wax and close the lid.Tightly to boil even when couples did not get into a small saucepan.How to measure the temperature of the wax?For this special sold thermometers designed for 120 ° C.

How to apply wax?Preheat
dough layer upon layer imposes on the joint.But for the first strokes mass must cool down to 50-55 ° C..For the upper smear wax in a pot can be heated to 60-65 ° C..

How thick should get a layer of white mass, tight fitting joint?Approximately 1-2 cm. And then cover the affected area with wax paper or a soft oilcloth, then wrap a thick cloth.The procedure can last up to 60 minutes, but it's well-being.

Remember paraffin can not be used during pregnancy, acute inflammation, endocrine and mental disorders, liver cirrhosis and bleeding.

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