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Toothpastes .Toothpastes

Toothpaste - a special formulation designed for oral hygiene, prevention and treatment of diseases.Using toothpaste provides effective cleansing of the oral cavity and medical - preventive effect.For this purpose, its composition are introduced abrasive, antimicrobial, bacteriostatic, stimulating and surfactants.

Basic properties of toothpaste - cleaning, anti-microbial, sensory and consumer.

cleansing effect of toothpastes is necessary to remove from the mouth of food residues, bacteria and plaque.With this purpose in their composition include chalk, dicalcium phosphate, sodium metaphosphate, aluminum hydroxide, silica, and others.

antimicrobial and bactericidal agents include toothpastes for impact on the microflora of the oral cavity and to preserve the properties of toothpastes.Acts to reduce cariogenic microflora in the oral cavity several toothpastes include antiseptics such as chlorhexidine.At present there and actively developed pastes, which include enzymes that affect the metabolism of the

oral cavity, dissolve soft plaque and food debris.Another effective means are gel toothpastes.

to improve the organoleptic and consumer properties in toothpastes use substances which increase plasticity, flavorings, food dyes.

For the treatment of stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease using toothpastes containing herbal supplements, biologically active substances, vitamins, metabolism regulators.Toothpaste

must contain fluorine, calcium and phosphorous.It is known that fluoride prevents the development of caries.However, it should be noted that many toxic fluorine compounds, therefore their content is strictly limited to toothpaste.Optimal for caries prevention and valid for domestic use counting etsya 150 mg / 100 g in the pastes for adults and 50 mg / 100 g - for children.

To facilitate the removal of bacterial plaque in the paste composition is administered to stimulate the formation of foam surface active agents - detergents.Typically these agents are used in concentrations from 0.5 to 2%.Exceeding this norm can cause gum irritation.

toothpaste must not contain sugar, as it is harmful to the teeth.Therefore, in modern toothpastes added xylitol - a sugar substitute, which prevents the development of microorganisms.In addition, xylitol is recognized as a preventive measure against tooth decay.At the same time in order to achieve a tangible result of xylitol content should approach 10%.

But the presence in toothpaste triclosan is to be feared.This compound actually kills most microorganisms, including natural microflora inherent in the human body.And it threatens to place "their" germs can take the "wrong" means to fight that may not yet invented.

Children will buy a special children's toothpaste that contains s, toxic when swallowed!Do not forget that children, unlike adults, often about half swallow toothpaste.

And now dwell on some of the substances contained in the pastes.

fluoride .
paste containing fluoride or fluoride, and now is recommended not only for children but also for adults, because fluoride strengthens teeth and reduces the risk of caries.The percentage content of fluoride in the paste with respect to the other elements should be between 0.1 and 0.6%.Children under 6 years of age is recommended to buy toothpaste with less fluoride.

pyrophosphates .
These substances are used for the prevention of dental plaque and tartar.Pastes containing pyrophosphate, good to apply to everyone, not only people suffering from plaque.But do not forget that if you have already formed plaque or tartar, pasta you will not get rid of it, you should consult a specialist and undergo teeth cleaning.

strontium chloride and potassium nitrogen .
These elements should be included in the paste, if you have sensitive teeth.Many adults after 35 years as a result of frequent resurfacing teeth or pressing too hard on the gums when brushing your teeth daily gum line is omitted, leaving the root surface areas.Naturally, if your teeth are very sensitive to cold, hot, and other irritants.These substances reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings.Already in a few weeks using a paste with strontium chloride and potassium nitrogen patient feels relief and can switch to a conventional paste.

Soda and Peroxide .
are added to the paste alone or in combination.Do not have a curative effect.They are used for a more comfortable brushing teeth, as left in the mouth feeling of freshness and cleanness.

Brightening ingredients .
removes plaque caused by coffee, tobacco and certain other substances, but they can not make your teeth brighter, if you have the color yellow enamel.Most of these substances are abrasive structure, that is, they simply scrape plaque from your teeth, so the frequent use of toothpastes with lightening components can cause damage to the enamel.You can use every day lightening paste, and other times normal.

sodium lauryl sulfate.
Some studies show that the element can increase the pain of stomatitis.But this information is not completely confirmed, and needs further survey of the eksperimentalnyh.But just in case all the same if you stomatitis, it is best to look for a toothpaste without this component.

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