6 September

Bruises .How to get rid of bruises

Most bruising occurs as a result of minor injuries, or falls and passes in a few days.However, they are quite painful, especially when pressure is applied to the affected area.You can prevent the development of a bruise or ease the pain, if you start treatment immediately after the injury.

bruise is a result of the impact, which causes damage to the small blood vessels (capillaries), so immediately after the injury make a cold compress.Wet the cloth in ice water and apply over the affected area for 10 minutes.If the skin is intact, lubricate affected areas ointment of arnica flowers, or cream.


In severe bruises well help medicinal herbs.

- If the skin is not damaged, make a poultice of comfrey.Wet a piece of gauze in the infusion of comfrey and put it on the damaged area on the hour: 30 g of dried or 60 g of fresh leaves pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, let it brew for 10 minutes, strain (infusion can not drink).

- Soothing action also provides a poultice of cabbage leaves.Select t

he most green leaves and remove the coarse central vein.Preheat the leaves in hot water, drain it and mash them with a rolling pin.Put some leaves in place of injury and secure with a bandage or dressing on stickers.Change the poultice every 2 hours.

- ointment of calendula and chamomile extract liquid - time-tested tool for bruises bruising, they stop subcutaneous bleeding.

Aromatherapy in bruises

- Mix five drops of Majorana oil, two drops of myrrh (exclude the first 20 weeks of pregnancy) and chamomile with five teaspoons of oil calendula (marigold) or lotion.As soon as possible after the injury lubricate the affected area, if the skin is not damaged, and repeat the procedure every hour until the pain subsides.

carrots, apricots and citrus fruits contain the yellow plant pigments.They reinforce the effect of vitamin C in the body, help to strengthen the blood vessels, thereby preventing bruising.Check that enough vitamin C enters your body, eat more fruits and vegetables.

But if you have bruises appear for no apparent reason, a change in skin color is accompanied by severe pain and swelling, and bruising does not disappear after a week, you should always consult a doctor to determine the cause of bruises and prescribing treatment.

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How to quickly get rid of bruises?

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