6 September

How to cope with the autumn gloom ?

What is autumn?This is ... This is when all the time you want to sleep, there are no forces once again to rise from his chair and generally always in a bad mood.Not to songs in total.However, all is not hopeless.

• autumn shortened daylight hours, our biological clock is transferred to the summer and winter time (already after the actual transfer of hours), and this process inevitably causes changes in mood, health, and even in the gastronomic preferences.It appears lethargy, apathy, fatigue - the signs of autumn depression, which affects every fifth inhabitant of the planet.Changing weather provokes a cold and exacerbation of chronic ills.Experts advise to pay attention to diet, and stock up on vitamins: they will help adapt to the cold.

• Reduced daylight adversely affects both the metabolism and the human psyche.To prolong your day by all available means: to actively use the morning hours, the house is filled with light, increasing the power of the lamps to chandeliers and lamps, go early and get u

p early.Over the weekend, spend a few hours in the fresh air fill this time active games, walking, biking.

• Start taking poliviaminy, after consulting with a doctor.Include in your daily diet at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables.The most important at this time are the vitamins A and C.
Remember Grandma's recipes, and add in the tea rose, honey, lemon, St John's wort, herbal.Indulge in a favorite treat, note that on the table necessarily present "invigorating" cranberry, celery, spices.

• Pamper yourself bitter chocolate - it not only gives the body a lot of energy, but also helps produce serotonin - a substance responsible for good mood and overall tone.Serotonin contributes to the formation of the amino acid tryptophan contained in turkey meat, milk and egg protein.

• Be sure to include in your diet onion and garlic.
Despite its flavor, they are the best means to enhance immunity.They contain a unique biologically active substances - volatile, which serve as an insurmountable barrier for pathogenic viruses.Note that to use onion and garlic better than fresh - as part of salads and as an additive in hot dishes, too, without compromising long-term thermal obrabotke.i

• Who is especially important not to give in to discouragement.Our health and immunity are directly dependent on mood, which can and should be managed.Physicians are advised to spend more time in the company of loved ones, deal with the pleasant things for you, to play with children and animals.It is useful to surround himself with bright things: try to radically change the image, giving predochtenie yellow, orange and red tones.They make up for the lack of bright sunlight and will bring positive emotions in your life, even in this gloomy, bleak autumn.

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