12 August

Nontraditional methods of treatment .Hypnosis

hypnosis is still not universally recognized as an effective method of treatment, but it is in the suggestion (suggestion) based many ways of healing diseases.

Hypnosis - strong action and not available to all.Not everyone can master this tool, but only in the sense that each person requires a different force, and someone will have to make a lot of their own effort, but someone much smaller.In each of us laid down certain inclination, inclination and strength to master hypnosis at everyone -.

Hypnosis should be considered as a way of mental regulation, and only the ignorance of the methods leads to negative consequences both for the individual and for his environment.With proper exposure, we can manage their inexhaustible forces so completely that realize their full creative potential, not to mention the fact that the negative vital aspects of life will be very easy to overcome for us (which is by no means ignoring them, that is, the effort "just do notnotice").

hypnosis or suggestion, has long been

known to mankind and is now widely used in sports, and in pedagogy, and medicine.The essence of hypnosis is still no one is not exactly known, but our physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov found the following.Hypnosis - partial sleep.

biophysicist Peter Lazarev in 1922 to explain hypnosis in terms of the electromagnetic theory of light, which sounds much more modern and, apparently, deeper, closer to the truth.Many researchers are inclined to think of hypnosis that suggestion - wave electromagnetic effect, carried out by man.

taken into account that there are deep unexplored area of ​​influence of other wave radiation, in particular the actual human brain radiation.The length and frequency of the waves emitted by man, depend on the internal content and true, deep nature of human mental activity.

ancients have left us quite some evidence that the rate of a person's thoughts, that is, the speed of the wave of human radiation exceeds all imaginable speed, and of course, the speed of light.Human thought reaches the object instantly.Perhaps, this is now very few people arguing.In possession of the power of thought, that is the strength and character of its own electromagnetic and other types of radiation, a person can actually affect any objects, including, for oneself and for the other person.Exposure vector directed either inwards or outwards.

This pattern applies not only to hypnosis, but also to any mental stress, which can take a person.Strictly speaking, it is a mental (wave) of human exposure, when really what happens is that expressed in the ancient winged phrase: "Thought is action."

In 1932, neurologist Johannes Heinrich Schultz (Berlin) has developed a method of autogenous training, which remains relevant today.

very suggestion (hypnotic suggestion) is the process of entering into the mental sphere of human volitional decision, which was not the person in charge of auto-training.In this case the application of ideas against the will of another person, even with his consent.

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