7 September

Botulism.Home canned a " sausage sticks '

main cause botulism (according to experts in Moscow GosSanEpidemNadzor) remain home canned foods, and 96% of them are canned mushroom.

analysis of the causes of the disease in affected showed that about 40% of them ate canned mushrooms purchased "with hands", and 60% - canned themselves.

Botulism (from Latin «botulus» - sausage) - a very difficult and dangerous disease.Botulinum spores are in the soil, from which it can reach the foodstuff.At the canning of foods (usually fungi) bacteria do not die, as quite resistant to heat treatment, and then, in a sealed bowl without oxygen, produce their toxins - poisons that lead to severe poisoning.

canned "with sticks" products do not change the taste or smell or appearance.There is another feature: the toxin accumulates in the bank is not uniform, as it were, "nests".That is why among the "taste" of mushrooms, vegetables, fish or meat from the same banks, some get sick, while others - not.

begins with a banal disease of the stomach and intestinal irritation

with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and not always ill immediately see a doctor, preferring to be treated in the first hours of "home remedies".

sore throat, double vision, difficulty swallowing and breathing, dizziness in combination with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are the first symptoms of botulism - urgent need to seek medical help!

If time does not see a doctor (preferably by infectious diseases) may develop a severe form of the disease, sometimes fatal.Epidemiologists are advised in any case not to throw away the remnants of canned food that caused food poisoning, they should be sent to a lab for testing local center SSES.To protect yourself and your loved ones from such severe diseases as botulism, you must adhere to the following rules:

• Do not buy canned goods (especially mushrooms) Homemade "with hands".

• Do not produce canned mushrooms at home.It is possible that in a jar with mushrooms get the smallest particles of soil that contain spores of botulism.

• If you decide to make a home-made for the future, remember that the best mushrooms to dry, or salt in small containers, with access of air, stirring occasionally them in storage.Before using mushrooms recommended thermal processing (cooking, frying) for at least 15-20 minutes (botulinum toxin, in contrast to the pathogen spores destroyed by heating is relatively easy).

• Do not use canned homemade brought on holidays or donated familiar to you.

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