What are antioxidants ?(this is useful to know)


- this compound protects the cells (or rather of the membrane cell) from the potentially harmful effects or reactions, which can cause excessive oxidation in the body.On our planet, almost always destruction processes go with the participation of oxygen by oxidation.Iron rusts - this oxidation.In the forest, fallen leaves decay - this oxidation.We get sick, grow old, and it gradually, very roughly of course, can be called a process of oxidation.Many disease states (chronic stress, the effect of radiation, aging, etc.) Occur in the body to form free radicals, (products of incomplete reduction of oxygen).Their excess leads to lipid peroxidation - the basis of cell membranes - and, as a result, to the dysfunction of the membranes of cells in our body, to health and premature aging of the violation.

In the body there is the antioxidant defense system, which is divided into primary (antioxidants, enzymes) and secondary (antioxidants, vitamins).This system works with us from birth, all our lives

, weakening gradually over the years.Therefore, it becomes necessary to make-up and support.

Enzymes (primary antioxidant defense) are engaged in "cleaning" of reactive oxygen species.They are converted into active forms of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide in a less aggressive radicals and then they are converted into water and ordinary, useful oxygen.

Antioxidants-vitamins (secondary antioxidant protection) called "quenchers".They "extinguish" the aggressive radicals take away excess energy, hamper the development of a chain reaction formation of new radicals.

These include vitamins C, P, bioflavonoids - rutin, quercetin, citrine, hesperidin, Ascorutinum, vitamins A, E, K, beta-carotene, sulfur-containing amino acids (glutathione, cysteine, methionine), cytochrome C, chelates alcoholmicrodoses minerals selenium, zinc (specific value are copper, manganese and iron).It is important to remember that antioxidants work well only when they are working in a group, supporting each other.For example, vitamin E - the main breaker of lipid oxidation - is consumed and changes in these reactions.If next to it there is vitamin C, it recovers and it enters into operation.Vitamin C and selenium protects against oxidation.Glutathione translates lipid peroxidation products into less harmful and protects vitamin E.

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