Our barriers immunity

similar immunity barrier is the skin.Protective covers have properties of the human body: they kill bacteria trapped on them.Eshe have a greater degree of protection of the mucous membranes.For example, the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract have cilia that vary continuously and help remove germs out.Mucous membranes

also produce antimicrobial substances, such as lysozyme, which is contained in tears, saliva, nasal mucus, sputum, serum, blood, breast milk.It is found in various tissues and organs: liver, lung, heart, spleen.Lysozyme is produced and skin cells.Especially Lysozyme protects the eyes from external germs, as is an enzyme that promotes the destruction due to the decomposition of complex substances into simple microbial cell membranes.

Big lysozyme activity has egg protein.Lysozyme is found in vegetables - turnips, horseradish, rutabaga, radish, cabbage, fruits and even flowers.All this confirms the unity of the higher plants and humans.

The human mouth cavity other than lysozyme co

ntains several other substances that can prevent the development of microbes, such as inhibin, mucin, tsidin and others.Threats to microbes is a gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid.The serum also contains protective antimicrobial agents: Aleksin, properdin, Leikin, betaliziny.

most important factor is the human immune system white blood cells.More Mechnikov at the time, studying the phagocytes of the crustacean Daphnia, watched as the parasites attacked motile cells, enveloped, swallowed and destroyed by intracellular digestion.In humans, these phagocytic cells are white blood cells.Besides moving there phagocytes and settled - it spleen cells, bone marrow, liver stellate cells specific, endothelial cells (inner wall) of vessels, and other organs and tissues.

In addition, the body produces specific remedies - antibodies.These proteins protect a man in his struggle with the microbes and toxins.For example, when infected with typhoid stick person falls ill with typhus, which was previously often are fatal (from typhoid fever, as we know, died a famous Russian actress Vera Cold silent film).But the recovered patient after fever blood acquires new properties, detrimental effect on germs of typhoid.Unfortunately, the same can not be said about single-celled parasites: immunity to them is not produced, and the scientists are not able to create a vaccine against trichomoniasis.But in order not to get sick, it is necessary to increase the body's resistance.To this end, use of plant volatile and create drugs from plant material.

Studies have shown that mice fir inhalation drug for 20, 30, 60, 150 days all parameters increased the phagocytic activity of leukocytes increased bactericidal properties of blood plasma, but serum lysozyme remained unchanged.In the antimicrobial activity of volatile production and their influence on the body's defenses are no direct relationship.Thus, volatile, have high antimicrobial activity, may not significantly affect the immune system.Conversely, slabofitontsidnye plants can greatly enhance phagocytosis of leukocytes.For example, the volatiles cranberries and birch enhance fitontsidnymi process in the body, and bird cherry volatile, not only did not affect phagocytosis, but also turned out to be even toxic to leukocytes.

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